14: Will Billingsley, Age 26

Company: ApTap

Age: 26

Website: https://aptap.co.uk

Business: ApTap is a bills management tool that lets customers cancel, compare, switch or sign up to services.


About Will and ApTap

ApTap are building data-driven, embedded bill management tools that let customers cancel, compare, switch or sign up to services with a few taps. They start by understanding the end customer, then do all the heavy lifting for them.

ApTap does this all within our partners’ apps, and in turn drive engagement and revenue for our partners (such as the likes of TSB Bank).

They are on a mission to save British consumers £1bn on their bills every year, with a view to build the world’s subscription store.

Will feels as if he has truly experienced the highs and lows of start-up life since starting ApTap in 2018, from tears of stress and overwhelm, to tears of joy and gratitude.

But early pivots (from a simple app that helps people manage their money and be better environmentally, to a data-driven, embedded bill management platform) have helped him find his feet in the world of entrepreneurship.




Without staring the end of the runway in the face, having investors pull out last minute, nailed-on deals falling through, internal disputes, blood, sweat and tears (sometimes literally), ApTap would not be driving towards success the way it is today. They have overcome obstacles, proven doubters wrong and ultimately built something incredibly exciting from scratch.

They recently signed an agreement with TSB Bank: a major bank and a small start-up partnering to help customers be more confident with their money is incredibly rare. The learning curve that comes with such a win can’t be underestimated, although Will has noted that the bank have been incredible champions for them.

Will started ApTap as a STEM graduate out of Imperial College London – no finance or tech experience, no networks in the space and very little idea what they were doing building a business more generally.

ApTap now have 11 people and are hiring more, with multiple clients on board, early revenue coming in and £1.2m raised over three funding rounds via some fantastic investors.

The next year will see ApTap grow in all directions – they plan to go deeper into their bill management stack, add numerous industry verticals to our suite, raise more significant funding, add to the team and expand internationally.


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