15: Bertie Ivory-Peters, Age 29

Company: Alectro

Age: 29

Website: https://alectro.io/

Business: Alectro provides carbon emission insight for positive businesses.


About Bertie and Alectro

Bertie started Alectro back in early 2020 and now, almost 2 years later and one pandemic later, the company has just received funding to develop even further.

Alectro provides carbon emission insight for positive businesses. They analyse data ranging from the electricity they use, to the coffee they drink. They help companies and organisations to supercharge their sustainability strategies, and act as a launchpad for companies to behave more sustainably.

Alectro helps companies to put their employees at the heart of their sustainability strategy – Bertie knows that without buy-in from the whole company, change can only go so far. For a long time, companies have claimed to be environmentally responsible but it’s been a superficial and top-down commitment. By focusing on employees, Alectro helps to drive accountability and actual change from the bottom up.

On their journey so far Alectro has helped companies ranging from industry-leading fintechs, through to 200-year-old Royal Societies, to action genuine change based on the data they have provided.




By engaging employees from all of these companies they have been able to see innovative ideas spring from every part of an organisation, and spread rapidly. Bertie notes that it has been inspiring to see companies go from nothing, to an industry-leading sustainability strategy in a number of weeks, and that they are proud to have contributed to these success stories.

COP26 has emphasised the importance of collective action towards climate change, and Alectro’s data models can empower any company to measure its carbon footprint, automatically generate actions to improve it, communicate goals effectively, and become carbon-neutral.

After the setbacks from COVID (with a few projects cancelled and general disarray for a brand new startup!), Bertie is delighted to have secured funding to enter 2022 in the best possible position.

This year, Alectro are hiring to expand their engineering team, and setting off on our mission to replace 1 million tonnes of CO2e by 2030. They are in a race against time to change the world we live in and transition to a low carbon economy.

Bertie hopes that the technology they have at Alectro will make it much easier and more accessible for companies of all sizes to understand, and act, on their carbon footprint.


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