37. Crest


Company: Crest

Founder(s): Rhiannon Evans-Young

Website: https://www.hellocrest.com/




Founded in 2016, Crest works with start-ups and scale-ups who are disrupting industries or building tech for good (sometimes both!). Crest are a small but mighty team of eight, conjuring up creative, consistent brand building strategies for founders and businesses.

Crest work across a range of tech sectors – including B2B and B2C. The company believe there’s a huge amount of cross-pollination across these spheres. Having a team of all-rounders who can work across different types of briefs and understand niche sector media as well as they do national titles makes for stronger strategies and better outcomes.

In the healthcare space, for example, Crest partner with start-ups including Pando Health, Patchwork Health, Béa Fertility and Virti. And on the consumer lifestyle side, Crest lead the comms for tiney, Laundryheap and Blueheart, to name just a few. The PR company also work with a range of UK and European VCs, handling their communications and announcing funding round news for their portfolios.

The common thread in Crest’s client base is innovation led by impactful founders.

Crest are always looking to remove the fluff from PR. The company don’t like vanity metrics or salesy press releases. Instead, they develop honest working relationships with clients that are built on trust.

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