38. Dot Star Media

Company: Dot Star Media

Founder(s): Jonathan Tullett and Dan Griffiths

Website: https://dotstar.media/




Dot Star Media helps organisations build relationships with journalists and gain valuable media coverage. Responding to requests from journalists is an effective way for organisations to get media coverage in print, online and broadcast media. Journalists submit media requests when they need to get in touch with experts, source case studies, and editorial content. Dot Star Media monitors Twitter for requests from verified journalists and also lets journalists submit requests directly.

There are hundreds of journalist requests distributed every week. The requests are classified into topics with prompt notifications delivered by email, or into Microsoft Teams or Slack. Subscribers can filter the requests by keywords ensuring that they receive relevant media opportunities. This all happens quickly, providing an advantage in responding to journalists first.

Customers are typically any organisation that wants to boost their media exposure and online presence. Dot Star Media is delivering requests to media relations professionals, digital PR experts, businesses doing their own PR, universities, and charities. Subscribers are winning coverage in a wide range of media outlets such as BBC, The Telegraph, Talk Radio, Vice, LadBible.


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