24. Jamjar Investments

  • JamJar Investments is a venture capital firm that invest in high growth digital Consumer brand businesses.
  • Previous investments include Farewill, Graze, Deliveroo, Tails.com, Babylon Health, Propercorn, Bulb Energy, Popchips and Simba Sleep.




About Jamjar Investments


JamJar Investments is a venture capital investment fund, headquartered in London, founded in 2012 by Richard Reed, Jon Wright, Adam Balon, and Katie Marraché. In May 2017 Katie Marraché was announced Europe’s youngest female VC partner. JamJar Investments provides investment to early-stage companies in the consumer technology and FMCG sectors. Reed, Wright, and Balon had previously founded FMCG smoothie brand Innocent Drinks, which was sold to Coca-Cola in 2013 for a reported £320m valuation. Its combination of operational, commercial and brand experience was honed over 14 years taking innocent from scratch to sale to Coca Cola for over £500m. That journey means the company understand the journey of entrepreneurs, the highs the lows, the challenges and some of the solutions.

Jamjar Investment Criteria


Jamjar only invest in consumer brands because that is what they know, love and where they can help the most. A consumer brand business is where the end user is a consumer and a relationship with them is important.

The first investment criteria is that the company should have a strong team. This means a company with more than one employee, with the right skills to deliver, where each employee has a track record of making great things happen and is honest, open and of the highest integrity. The next investment criteria is a hot idea. This is often a simple, compelling proposition that consumers love (the more evidence the better) that could, one day, be a £100m business. The third investment criteria is that the company/product should have a positive effect on the world, thus making people happier, their lives easier or helps them save time.

The company must also be located in Europe, at an early stage (seed, series A) or with high growth (late stage) and requiring investment between £500k – £1m, with the ability to follow the money if relevant.


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