28. London Venture Partners

  • London Venture Partners is a seed fund that focuses on the game ecosystem.
  • LVP were among the earliest investors in Supercell, Unity, Playfish, NaturalMotion, and a host of other games companies that have created over $42 billion in value.
  • LVP tend to make their first investments at angel, pre-seed and seed stage.




LVP’s Five Pillars of Evaluation


Talking to pocketgamer.biz, associate at LVP, Harry Hamer, spoke about the five pillars of evaluation used by London Venture Partners to determine whether a company is investable;

  • LVP Fit (Is it a seed or earlier round into a gaming company that has sufficient ambition?)
  • Market Opportunity (What’s the thesis? How do you view the market and do you have any key insights or points of differentiation?)
  • Team (What is your background? What is your team composition and required domain knowledge for your product? Are you prepared to run lean and wear many hats early on?)
  • Product (What’s your process in creating and validating your product? How are you planning to monetise it?)
  • Financial Opportunity (How are you planning to scale and how much are you budgeting for that? What is the prize if you do succeed?)

LVP Portfolio


On May 12th, LVP announced their $3.5M investment into Sanlo, the fintech platform for scaling mobile games. Sanlo aim to ease the pain of inefficient and underbaked financial systems for companies by building an all-in-one financial platform to automate processes.

More recently, LVP announced a $8M Series A round for Double Loop, and welcomed Hiro Capital, Garena and Riot Games to LVP.


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