10 Companies Replacing Human Interaction With AI

The use of artificial intelligence in various sectors is not only changing how businesses interact with their customers but also how consumers interact with businesses.

Companies that previously operated on people-centric models have now been replaced with AI that offers more accessible, and sometimes more affordable options.

Here, we look at ten startups that are replacing human interaction with AI.


1. Wysa: Your AI Therapist


Wysa is one of Google Assistant's first investments in Asia - Wysa


Wysa is making mental health support more accessible through its AI-powered platform, allowing users to get immediate, confidential assistance.

Their AI offers strategies and support for dealing with stress, anxiety, and depression alongside other mental health needs – all without needing to speak to a human therapist.

And the platform is much more affordable: the premium self-care version costs $74.99 annually, while coaching starts at $19.99 per session. Significantly cheaper than the average therapy session, which can cost around £50-60.


2. StyleDNA: Your AI Stylist


Your Personal AI Stylist App


StyleDNA is using AI to offer fashion lovers personalised styling recommendations.

By analysing user preferences and current trends, the platform delivers tailored fashion advice, mimicking a typical stylist session.

An annual subscription costs just $39.99, meaning you can have multiple styling sessions throughout the year for less.


3. AITutor: Your AI Tutor



AITutor is helping make tutoring more accessible with its AI-driven platform, providing tutoring sessions for students across a variety of subjects.

It adapts to each student’s learning pace and style, offering customised content and support.

Their premium package costs £10 per month, which includes video lessons, exams and unlimited questions – almost 1/5th of the price of an average hour-long tutoring session.


4. PetVet: Your AI Vet




PetVet is an AI-based platform designed to offer veterinary advice online.

By inputting symptoms, pet owners can see instant information around potential health issues their pets may have, as well as the level of care they might need.

While this platform can’t replace in-person services that require deeper investigation, it can definitely help with early detection and decision-making.

Their pricing is set at $387.88 for the year, which can help pet owners significantly reduce expensive vet bills for symptoms which can be treated at home.


5. Nutrition.ai: Your AI Nutritionist


Nutrition.ai - Your AI nutritionist


Nutrition.ai is your personal pocket nutritionist, offering AI-powered advice for various nutritional needs.

The platform provides instant answers to nutrition-related questions, expert support for dietary concerns, and a library of educational content.

The platform is set to launch in the coming months, so keep an eye on their site as they reveal their exact launch date.



6. Docus: Your AI Doctor


Docus: AI-Powered Health Platform


Docus is an AI-driven health platform that serves as a virtual doctor, providing people with an initial diagnosis that is then validated by a top doctor.

By inputting symptoms into the AI, users can receive a list of potential diagnoses and health advice. Although the platform is definitely not a substitute for professional medical advice, Docus is a free tool for health management, allowing people to access healthcare information more easily.


7. Homeworkify: Your AI Homework Helper


Homeworkify : A Valuable Resource for Students in Need of Help - Techarticle


Homeworkify is an AI-powered platform designed to help students with their homework in subjects like English, Math, Science, and Social Studies.

The platform provides instant help with homework, offering explanations, solutions, and learning resources to help students understand the content better.

Not only that, Homeworkify is free to use, making help with homework more accessible to everyone.


8. Spacely AI: Your AI Interior Designer


Spacely AI (@spacelyai) / X


Spacely AI is a personal AI interior designer, allowing its users to visualise how to enhance their spaces quickly and efficiently.

This platform is ideal for interior designers, homeowners, and anyone looking to design their living spaces. After uploading an image of the room, the AI can get to work designing, drawing and rendering suggestions to help make it look just the way you want it.

Whilst it does come with a free, plan the yearly cost is just $12 per month, giving designers and homeowners unlimited access to new ideas.


9. Vic.ai: Your AI Accountant




Vic.ai is your AI partner in accounting, specifically for automated processes such as invoice processing, approvals, and payments.

Their platform allows businesses to improve efficiency, without the need to hire a finance assistant.

Whilst pricing depends on the size of the business and its specific needs, the platform is designed with efficiency in mind, helping people streamline finance costs.


10. Alfa AI: Your AI Personal Trainer


ALFA AI Coach - Apps on Google Play


Alfa AI is your AI personal trainer, focusing on personalised workout and nutrition plans.

Their app offers real-time movement analysis and feedback, whilst you are working out, ensuring that all exercises are performed correctly and minimising the likelihood of injury.