10 Startups In Colorado, USA To Keep An Eye On

Colorado’s startup scene is thriving, with innovative companies popping up year after year.

From tech to healthcare to space exploration, here are ten Colorado startups we think you should be keeping an eye on…


1. Demand IQ – Solar Energy Simplified


New Solar Sales Enablement App Hero™ from Demand IQ Modernizes Residential Solar Canvassing


Demand IQ is on a mission to make solar energy more accessible than ever.

Their platform allows solar companies to provide instant, personalised quotes to home owners, making the switch to solar even more simple.

By helping solar providers with their customer acquisition, Demand IQ is helping more homes transition to renewable energy sources.


2. Guild Education – Upskilling for the Future


Guild Education Wins Fast Company World Changing Ideas Award


Guild Education is transforming workplace education by allowing employers to offer their employees upskilling opportunities as a job benefit.

Their platform connects employees with universities and learning companies, allowing employers to build a more skilled and educated workforce. Not only that, by upskilling talent they can improve recruitment, retention and diversity within their company.


3. Voyager Space –  Space Exploration


Voyager Space Holdings, Inc. Launches NewSpace IP Exchange


Voyager Space is a leading space exploration company, dedicated to advancement in the future of space tech.

Their work includes pushing forward research in satellite technology, more sustainable space exploration, space science missions, and the development of space stations, positioning them as a key player in the growing space industry.


4. Wunder – Solar Energy Provider




Wunder specialises in providing solar energy for commercial and industrial real estate.

Their products are designed to help partners reduce their energy costs, meet ESG targets and build more sustainable infrastructure, making it easier for businesses and communities to adopt clean energy solutions.


5. AMP – Transforming Recycling with AI


AMP Company Profile | Recycling Product News


AMP is revolutionising the recycling industry with its artificial intelligence and robotics technology.

Their systems improve the efficiency and accuracy of sorting recyclable materials, reducing waste and labour costs and increasing the viability of recycled materials.



6. Strive Health – Innovating Kidney Care


Transforming Kidney Care - Strive Health


Strive Health is on a mission to improve the lives of people with chronic kidney disease.

Their care model uses technology to provide personalised treatment plans, manage symptoms and find nearby nephrologists, aiming to prevent disease progression and improve patient outcomes.


7. Scythe Robotics – Robo Lawnmowers


Scythe Robotics Secures $42M Series B Financing to Accelerate Production of Zero-Emissions Autonomous Mower


Scythe Robotics is helping landscaping businesses be more productive with their electric autonomous mowers.

Designed for commercial use, these electric mowers increase efficiency in lawn care, allowing businesses to streamline labour costs and be more productive.


8. Meati Foods – Plant-Based Meats


Meati Foods | Deli Market News


Meati Foods is making plant-based eating more tasty with their fungi-based meat alternatives.

Offering texture and taste that is close to traditional meat, Meati’s products are perfectly positioned to answer to the growing demand for sustainable and healthy food options.


9. ThrivePass – Personalised Benefits




ThrivePass is changing how companies manage benefits by offering more options, all in one place.

Their platform offers a whole host of benefits, from fitness memberships to mental health support, helping employers provide benefits packages that support employee wellbeing and boost retention.


10. Peel – Localising Food Systems



Peel is building a community aimed at localising the food system by connecting growers and buyers in the same area.

This platform is trying to to transform how food is sourced and sold in the US, making the process more sustainable and community-oriented.

Not only that, it’s also ensuring that the food that is sold doesn’t have any harmful chemicals. By joining Peel, members can become part of an effort to create a more localised food ecosystem and boost their local economy.


Colorado’s startup landscape is thriving, with these ten companies showing just how diverse and dynamic the state’s entrepreneurial spirit is.

From space exploration to sustainable eating, these startups are redefining industries both locally and globally. Keep an eye as they’re set to continue innovating well into 2024…