Announced! TechRound’s Fintech50 Finalists for 2021


We are delighted to announce the TechRound’s Fintech50 for 2021 – highlighting the innovation and success of Fintech companies across the UK, Europe and the World.


After hundreds of applications, we are pleased to announce the top 50 below:




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Meet The Judges



Simon Rabin CEO

Simon Rabin – Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Chip


  • Simon Rabin is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Chip and on a mission to build the best savings and investment app in the world.

Sharon Miles COO

Sharon Miles – Chief Operating Officer at Chip


  • Sharon Miles is the Chief Operating Officer at Chip with 20 years of experience within financial and business services organisations.



Stefano Maifreni

Stefano Maifreni – Founder of Eggcelerate


  • Stefano Maifreni is the founder of Eggcelerate, the B2B expansion experts for SMEs. Eggcelerate has worked, among others, with British start-ups in the field of FinTech (equity crowdfunding, supply chain finance), IoT (immersive events, drones) and more mature Italian SMEs (software house, manufacturer of electronic components).


Jelle Pol – Business Director at Dusk Network


  • Jelle Pol is a thought leader in the Alternative Finance industry and a strong believer blockchain technology is a game changer in the financial industry. As Business Director at Dusk Network, he aims to create the financial ecosystem of the future, connecting people and capital via Dusk blockchain technology. Judging the FinTech50 he is curious to see scalable opportunities to disrupt the current financial system.


Paula Grynczel

Paula Grynczel – Senior Marketing Digital Manager of Capital on Tap


  • Paula Grynczel is the senior digital marketing manager of Capital on Tap, the UK’s leading business credit card provider and featured in the Deloitte UK Technology Fast 50 in 2019.



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Notable Mentions

Once again, we were extremely impressed with the calibre of entries, with some of the most outstanding Fintech companies across payments, budgeting, finance and cryptocurrencies sharing their stories.

We noticed a huge interest in budgeting or payment apps that saved time and money for individuals and businesses, whether it was calculating their expenses, organising their costs and using AI to make this more efficient.

It is always great to see entries from firms involved in cryptocurrencies, making them more accessible to the general public, especially during the growth of this industry in the last year.

We particularly liked seeing Tech-for-Good companies that have implemented clever ways to help save people money or get better financially prepared in life, such as RoundUps, with a superbly helpful company (read on to find out who…) ultimately taking the top spot!

It was also interesting to see more innovation in the mortgage and lending market (Mojo Mortgages, Hastee and Fund Ourselves) – which are huge areas and have some massive space for growth.



Feedback From The Judges

With hundreds of entries, it can be hard to find ones that stand out. Being concise in the first line of the entry is very important. With many entries we received, you would sometimes have to read for 300 or 400 words just to find out what they do and some entries were also not clear on what the business offered.

Some entries spoke just about an individual or they spoke a lot about the market size, but this was not a requirement.


A good way to start an application is:

My business does …

We started in …. and today have made xyz in revenue or acquired over xyz number of followers.


Numbers are important. There are a lot of good concepts out there, but we need to see some kind of growth or achievements. It’s not all about funding, since we mentioned this was not a requirement. We are looking for basic numbers including revenue, subscribers, customers, followers – anything tangible.

We apologies to the very capable entries that we received in insurance, HR, SaaS and AI – but do not worry, we will be running more top 50s later this year with your name on them!

We hope that these simple tips will come in useful for future applications and competitions. You should always enter a TechRound competition because you have nothing to lose. Do not be afraid to ask for feedback from TechRound or from your peers before you apply. Until then, thank you for entering and we look forward to seeing you next year for the Fintech50 next year!


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