The Best Apps And Devices For Aspiring Urban Farmers

The concept of Urban Farming has grown in recent years, helping people bridge the gap between city life and sustainable living.

Green-fingered city-dwellers are constantly looking for ways to improve their yield, whether it’s through plant tech devices, high-tech apps or maximising space for growth. The good news is that there are a whole number of devices and apps that can lend a helping hand. From apps that guide you through planting and reminders, to smart devices that help monitor plant heath, there are tons of tools to help urban farmers.

Let’s take a look at them shall we?


What Is Urban Farming


Urban farming is all about growing food in urban areas. This form of farming usually looks to maximise space in order to grow fresh food.

Often using techniques like vertical farming and hydroponics to reduce space needed, urban farming is a great way for those that live in cities to lower their carbon footprint and eat more organically.


Urban Farming Tech Devices


There are a number of tech devices that can be used for urban farming, these include:


Aeroponic Tower Systems



Nutraponics Aeroponic Tower Garden: Vertical Greens with Lights
Credit: Nutraponics


Aeroponic towers are vertical farms, allowing people to grow vast amounts of produce without using up much space.

Using hydroponic technology, these systems are popular with urban farmers for their space-saving design and high-yield potential.

Using only a small area, these devices are able to grow food faster and more efficiently than any other tech, making them popular in urban farms.


Self-Watering Plant Pots


This self-watering flower pot just hit its crowdfunding goal
Credit: Greenopia


City life can be busy, but plants need a lot of care to grow. Enter self-watering plant pots: devices that monitor soil moisture and health to ensure the plant has everything it needs to thrive.

Through smart sensors, these pots are able to adapt to a specific plant’s water schedule, ensuring it’s not over-watered or left with too little moisture.


Plant Soil Testers


Upgrade 5 in 1 Soil Tester, LCD,Digital Plant Temperature/Soil Moisture/PH  Meter/Sunlight Intensity/Environment Humidity Soil Test Kit for  Garden,Lawns,Farm and Potted Plants, Flower In/Outdoor Use :  Garden
Credit: Blumway


Healthy soil can be the difference between healthy vegetables or wilting leaves. Thankfully, plant soil testers are here to save the day.

Smart soil testers are able to give accurate readings around moisture and nutrients, so any farmer can ensure their crops have what they need to grow. 


Grow Lights : Bstrip LED Hanging Grow Light, Grow Light Bulb for Indoor  Plants, 25W Full Spectrum Hanging Grow Light,3000K Plant Light Bulbs with  16.4FT Power Cord, Pendant Grow Lights for Indoor Plants,
Credit: BStrip


LED bulbs produce white light, which is helpful for plant growth. As plants photosynthesise for energy, prolonging their light exposure, especially in cities like London with long, dark winters can make all the difference when it comes to growing.



Urban Farming Apps


As well as tech, a number of apps also exist to help urban growers with their crops. Let’s take a look at some of them…




Plant care app - Keep your plants alive | Planta


Planta is an app designed to help plant enthusiasts keep their plants alive. 

It comes with bespoke care schedules based on the needs of each plant, looking at elements like location, light, and type. The app provides reminders for watering, fertilising, misting, and more, which can be easy to miss when living a busy city life. 

Through its easy-to-use app,  Planta makes plant care accessible and manageable for everyone.




Hexagro | The first urban farming platform


Hexagro is an urban farming platform designed to help people grow food from home. The app seamlessly integrates with vertical farms, giving bespoke advice around farming.

Not only that, its focus on community means likeminded green-fingered individuals can share tips and tricks. 




Insights by Prospera - Apps on Google Play


Not one for growing indoors but potentially good for those with some outdoor space, Prospera uses artificial intelligence to provide insights into crop health, growth patterns, and environmental conditions.

It also allows users to control elements like pumps from the app, meaning busy urban farmers can keep track of their land, even when they are away from it.


Seed To Spoon


Seed to Spoon - Growing Food - Apps on Google Play


Seed to Spoon is an app designed to make growing food more simple. Developed by gardening enthusiasts, the app provides guides, treatments and reminders based on the vegetables growers are farming.

By making gardening more accessible and enjoyable, Seed to Spoon is helping more people grow food at home and connect with nature.




GardenTags – Plant ID & Care on the App Store


GardenTags is a social gardening app that connects plant lovers worldwide. The app is a space to share knowledge, inspiration, and experiences, helping everyone grow better together.

The app also comes with plant identification, plant care tasks and reminders as well as an engaged community of 400,000 growers.

By combining social media with practical gardening tips, GardenTags helps urban farmers enjoy growing and nurturing their food.