Top 10 Web Design Companies in the UK and US

Finding the right website designers can be a difficult challenge. Production houses across the world are known for unique specialities, so even amongst the top 10 web design companies in the UK and US, you’ll want to make sure they offer what you need in terms of look and functionality. We’ve curated an initial list of the best and most unique web design companies both here and across the pond for you to consider for your next project.


1. Creative Brand Design


Creative Brand Design is a leading web design company that works with clients both in the UK and the US, creating interactive design experiences for clients of all sizes. Creative Brand Design is renowned for its innovative designs, creative animations, considered UX design and an SEO-focused approach. According to Lincoln Hill, Director of External Affairs for the Nuclear Industry Association, “They created visually appealing designs from scratch and made them look complete and coherent in only three weeks.” He’s not alone in this sentiment – their client reviews all tout their responsiveness, efficiency and creativity. They have experience working with recognised brands from a range of industries, including Mercedes-Benz, Disney, Doddle, LoopMe, and Tradition.


2. Wildish & Co.


A branding-first creative agency, Wildish & Co is a small studio doing big work for primarily small and medium-sized businesses. They offer an impressive range of services for smaller UK companies from web design to packaging, visual identity, UX, video and more. Client reviews speak to how relaxed and easy they are to work with. For small companies and new startups looking for a one-stop-shop for branding and design, Wildish might fit the bill. Chris McAdam, the co-founder for Get Ahead Mindset says, “We were delighted with their deliverables.”


3. Fishfinger Creative Agency


A creative house first and foremost, Fishfinger brings little brands to life through design and motion via the web and various social media platforms. But they also serve some already big UK names too like the WWF, Red Bull, King and the NHS. Client reviews talk about their beautiful illustrations and visual concepts with high levels of client satisfaction. Simon Howley, Partner at Bell Howley Perrotton LLP says quite simply, “The job got done and the client is happy. What more do you need?” As a simple, yet glowing endorsement of this creative agency’s work, it’s compelling.


4. Huemor


A dominant player in US midmarket web and e-commerce design, web design agency Huemor enhances brand storytelling through strategy, UX/UI, web development and conversion optimisation work. Some of their clients include American Crew, Geico, United Way, The Webbys and NBC Sports. And a significant thread throughout all their reviews is their solution-focused mindset. According to Jenny Lee, Creative Director at BetterCloud, “Something I found most unique about Huemor is how much they care [about] the success of the project. The site is a lot cleaner and shows a very in-depth narrative of our story.


5. Agency Partner Interactive

agency partner interactive

While you might not be immediately familiar with their client list boasting names like Bowtie, Warrior Logistics and Deb Purdy, their comfort with interactive design is well documented. Steven Atkin says on their Facebook page, “Very responsive, good design. Love working with this group.” And website development projects make up 76% of their reviews on Clutch as well. Agency Partner Interactive is a Texas-based tech company first and developer second and they source talent from the global marketplace to keep their client’s web dev costs down.



6. Savas Labs

savas labs

Web and app development is 60% of their business and it shows. Drupal, WordPress, PHP, React, JavaScript and more; this US firm harnesses these tools to drive the bottom line up in your business. MIT, Duke and Harvard have all worked with Savas Labs to design meaningful experiences for their audiences. Micheal Tatham, CEO at Tatham says “We’re impressed by their ability to take our ideas and create something unique and develop something truly amazing.”


7. Fortnight Studio


A boutique studio with some leading gaming clients in King and Riot Games, Fortnight Studio primarily deals in mobile app development, branding and product design from its UK offices. And Alex Brees via Google Reviews really highlights this specialisation, “Was great to have Fortnight involved in our App build. Efficient, innovative and knowledgeable.” Founded in 2014, they love to work unrestrained to come up with the ideal creative solution for their client’s needs.


8. Nerd Cow Ltd.

nerd cow

A specialist web design agency in the UK for small businesses, Nerd Cow works in design sprints to make your project come to life in less time. Some of their clients include Novihum, TTFX and Repositive. One of their clients, Mario, says “A great experience from start to finish. Tomasz and his team have fine-tuned the art of making a website that looks great and functions amazingly. These guys are creative and highly skilled in the dark arts of UX and Responsive design. The pricing model is straightforward and value for money.”


9. Propane Agency

propane agency

A group of San Fran digital transformation architects, Propane helps connect brands like GE, Intel, and Clarisonic with their customers in unique and surprising ways. They do web design, web development and branding from a digital strategy perspective. The result is robust experiences their clients love and smooth project process. Laura Gentile from Sentropy Technologies says, “They were really fun and great to work with — everyone from their team had such a positive attitude about everything.”


10. Flamingo Agency

flamingo agency

Flamingo is a 100% WordPress web design firm from Chicago. That laser-focus sees them win clients like Muscle & Joint Physical Therapy, GP Construction and Horvat Law. T. Andrew Horvat, Managing Attorney at Horvat Law explains why they’re a great choice for small business owners: “They made certain that my vision and goals for the project were always paramount.” When you’re running your own business, you need a web design company that’s going to help you tell your personal story. Flamingo does this while keeping an eye on the budget and timing of the project, to ensure everything stays on track.


Final thoughts

After reviewing our list of the top 10 web design companies in the UK and US, hopefully you’ve found the ideal studio to support your development needs. Remember, price isn’t always everything. You’re much more likely to get a great website or app if you choose a firm that matches your ethos and services brands like yours. Be sure to ask to see examples of their work, and look for reviews from their clients to understand if there’s synergy before getting them on board.


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