Claire Owen – Co-Founder of DronePrep


“International Women’s Day (IWD) is an incredible opportunity to take stock of our changing industries and world.”  

“Even during my career to date, we’ve come a long way; some industries, countries, companies and roles are making more progress than others, but each year IWD provides a moment of reflection and a chance to look around and acknowledge the incredible women making groundbreaking achievements and paving the way for future generations.”




“It’s encouraging to see both men and women celebrating the changes as we work to create a more gender-balanced workplace. The more we discuss and highlight the inequalities we face, the greater the consciousness of those around us, which is crucial if we’re to successfully deliver change.”

“To any women struggling in a male-dominated industry I would say this; huge congratulations for still being there and not giving up, keep doing what you’re doing! It’s not easy, sometimes it can be incredibly tough, but every time you face gender discrimination and move forwards you are making a difference not only for yourself but also for other women in the sector.”

“Look to those who have taken the same path, in your industry or another, and don’t be timid about asking for help or guidance. There are many established and emerging Women in Industry groups which are an incredible place to connect, network, discuss and solve real world business problems.”

“If you are considering a new business or startup, accelerator programmes such as Worcestershire’s BetaDen are a fantastic place to begin. For the last year, we have been surrounded by other entrepreneurs with innovative products and ideas, as well as specialist mentors. Having access to such networks is invaluable when it comes to both your business and your personal professional development.”

“In the drone industry, we still have a lot of work to do. Women are very much outnumbered, which can have a negative impact on recruitment and growth. Having said that, with last year’s lockdown restrictions, the shift to more digital workspaces has meant we’ve been able to spend more time  connecting with other women in the industry as we are no longer bound by location and travel.”

“I’ve connected with many Women who Drone, not just in the UK but worldwide – so keep your eye on social media for events and connect with and message those involved. Everyone I’ve reached out to so far has been incredibly receptive, helpful and supportive and if can help connect or introduce you to anyone in my network please just ask.”