Investor Insights: Everything You Need To Know About Balderton Capital

  • Balderton Capital is leading VC firm dedicated to supporting European founders from seed to IPO, with 23 years of experience.
  • The company has raised $4.5 billion to invest in European technology, backing over 250 companies since 2000.
  • Balderton offers a range of services through the Balderton platform, including legal, talent, finance, and marketing support, to help founders scale their startups into global giants.







Who are Balderton Capital?


Balderton Capital is a premier venture capital firm with a focus on Europe’s leading technology businesses. With 23 years of experience and a substantial fund of $4.5 billion behind them, Balderton has backed over 250 companies since its inception in 2000.

As one of the largest and most experienced VC teams in Europe, Balderton helps the founders they work with by giving them access to the insight, knowledge, and experience of the entire team.

Their approach includes not just funding, but also providing expertise and access to a community through the Balderton Collective. This network connects different teams in their portfolio to help them build relationships and support each other in their growth.


What markets does Balderton invest in?


Balderton Capital invests in a range of sectors with a focus on tech companies.

This includes AI, Web3, finance, data-driven health, mobility, software, retail and food amongst others. They openly look for companies that are striving to become global leaders in their fields and have backed many companies who have achieved this.


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Who are some of Balderton’s most well-known investments?


Balderton Capital’s portfolio includes a number of high-profile investments including Cazoo, Juno, Patch, Pocdoc, Revolut, Darktrace, Depop, and Citymapper.

These companies have become huge household names globally, showcasing Balderton’s ability to identify and support promising European tech startups.


Where can you find Balderton Capital?


Find Balderton and see out how to pitch to them at their website: