Google Announces New Prices for Nest Aware Subscriptions

Google is joining other companies in 2023 by increasing the cost of its Nest Aware and Nest Aware Plus subscriptions. UK customers received an email recently notifying them of the price bump from £5 to £6 a month for the basic Nest Aware service. This equates to £72 a year, an increase of £12. The more expensive Nest Aware Plus package will go from £10 to £12 a month, totaling £144 a year.

What Does Nest Aware Do?

If you’re not familiar with Nest Aware, it’s a service that lets Google’s security camera users store footage on the cloud. This feature is handy for homeowners who want to monitor what happens inside or outside their property when they are away.

Videos can be viewed later on smartphones or via the web, and the storage period depends on your subscription level. The basic plan holds footage for 10 days, while the Plus option boosts that to 60 days and includes round-the-clock recording.

Changes in the US Market

UK customers are also facing similar pricing changes. The basic Nest Aware subscription will cost £8 a month or £80 a year. The basic Nest Aware package used to cost £6 monthly or £60 annually. Starting September 1st, new customers will pay £8 monthly or £80 annually. For existing customers, these new prices start on November 6th. The higher-end Nest Aware Plus will go from costing £12 monthly or £120 annually to £15 monthly or £150 annually.

Reason for the Cost Change

Google attributes the subscription price increases to market elements such as growing inflation and alterations in taxation. Those who choose to pay for a full year in advance can still find some savings. In the UK, the standard Nest Aware service can be had for £60, a £12 discount, and the Plus option is available for £120, offering a £24 discount.

Features and Benefits

Both Nest Aware subscription levels offer a range of features, including smart alerts and event video history. The Plus package adds continuous 24/7 recording and an extended storage period of 60 days. If you have a Nest device, subscribing to Nest Aware adds essential capabilities, especially for home security.


Public Reaction

The increased prices have garnered mixed feelings from customers. Some consider the change steep and are contemplating switching to different services when their current devices need replacing.

No Change for ADT Partnership

If you have a Nest Aware subscription through Google’s partnership with home security company ADT, you won’t see any price changes, providing some relief to a specific segment of customers.

Upgrade Recommendations

Google is encouraging customers with older Nest Aware plans to consider switching to the newer version. The latest subscription includes a single flat rate that covers all compatible Nest cameras, speakers, doorbells, and displays.

It also adds a growing list of intelligent alerts and features, such as sound detection and emergency calling in the UK.

Legal Stuff and Public Opinion

Even with backing from scientific research, not everyone is sold on the new facial recognition initiatives. Legal challenges and public concerns around privacy and fairness continue to raise questions about whether these new technologies should be adopted on a large scale.

Customers will need to assess whether the new pricing is fair for the services offered. With several similar services available, Google’s decision might influence consumer choice in the smart home security market.