Google Gemini App Finally Launches In The UK

Google’s latest AI-powered assistant app, Gemini is finally dropping in the UK and Europe. This app, available on both Android and iOS platforms, is great for productivity and creativity on the go. The Gemini app provides a more accessible version of the AI chatbot initially launched in the US earlier this year.

Google UK tweeted on X, “Today we’re thrilled to be launching Gemini in the UK. This new AI-powered app assistant empowers you to supercharge your productivity and creativity on the go.” They followed this with a gif explaining the tool.

How Does The Gemini App Work?

Gemini functions similarly to its desktop counterpart but offers more convenience by being mobile-friendly. Users can interact with Gemini via text or voice commands to receive AI-generated answers. Also, the app can process images, providing practical help for tasks like changing a flat tyre. Jules Walter, Group Product Manager of Google’s Gemini division, said, “It’s an important first step in building a true AI assistant — one that is conversational, multimodal and helpful.”

For those using Pixel phones and other supported devices, Gemini can replace the standard Google Assistant. This means users can activate Gemini with voice commands like “Hey Google,” or by pressing the power button. This is for sure a great step for AI assistances with our ever developing tech.
So what exactly are the new features?

Image Processing: Users can upload pictures for contextual help.
Voice Command Integration: On Pixel phones, activate Gemini with “Hey Google.”
Language Support: Available in multiple languages including Arabic, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, and more.
Global Reach: Accessible in over 150 countries, with ongoing expansion.


Gemini’s Availability and Accessibility

The Gemini app is designed to be user-friendly and accessible to as many of us as possible. It accommodates for different languages and over 150 countries for now, with the goal to go bigger. Users can download the app from the Google Play Store or access it via the Google app on iOS.

To use Gemini, you need to be signed in with a personal Google Account that you manage yourself. Accounts linked to Gemini Business, Enterprise, or Education add-ons, or those managed by Family Link, are not currently supported. Also, Android devices need to meet specific requirements: 2 GB of RAM and running Android 10 or higher.

Gemini’s features, above just text generation, can also process images to provide visual assistance. So, you can take a picture and ask Gemini to analyse and assist the situation at hand.

Industry Context And Competition

Gemini’s launch comes at a time where major tech companies are competing with one another to be at the top of their game when it comes to AI offerings. Microsoft recently introduced laptops and tablets featuring its Copilot AI, while OpenAI’s ChatGPT continues to expand its capabilities across platforms. Walter commented, “We remain dedicated to making Gemini available to as many people as possible.”

Of course, this goes without mentioning the challenges before this. Google faced criticism earlier this year for its image generation tool, which was inaccurately creating racially diverse images. We will continue to watch as they find solutions that in the end leave many satisfied from an ethical and functionality perspective.