Smashing First Period Stigma: Sustainable Period Pack

Back To School With &SISTERS: Smashing First Period Stigma With Its Sustainable My First Period Pack.

Back To School

With the new academic term now only a few weeks away and as schools prepare for their ‘most normal’ year yet since the pandemic, there will soon be a whole new cohort of pupils anticipating their first period at school.

Recent research by Plan International UK revealed that one in five people who bleed in the UK are teased or bullied about their periods, with many suffering in silence. Incredibly, about 67% of respondents said abuse mainly happened at school, and 66% said they had missed classes because of their period.

Smashing Stigmas Surrounding Periods

Female-founded wellness brand &SISTERS is on a mission to smash stigmas surrounding periods and create an open dialogue for young people. To make every sister’s period journey as smooth as possible &SISTERS introduced the First Period Pack – designed to support young people experiencing their first period. Complete with helpful information cards about periods and an assortment of different products (including Organic Cotton Pads with Wings and Eco-applicator Tampons), the pack is ideal for easing youngsters into this new stage of life while also enabling those wanting to use more sustainable, organic period products to do so.

Mother-Daughter Duo

Founded by mother-daughter duo, Claire & Lucy Lettice, &SISTERS was one of the first sustainable period brands to disrupt the market in 2017. Having both experienced the stigma and shame surrounding periods, they set out to create the most extensive, hyper-personalised range of 100% organic, vegan and plastic-free products centred on 3 key principles: better for our bodies, better for our planet and better for our sisters.

Eco-Friendly Products

The eye-catching, luxurious and earth-friendly packaging challenges perceptions, moving away from ‘hygiene’ and towards ‘beauty and wellness’, encouraging people to talk about, shop and use period products with pride. As part of their commitment to empower and inspire future generations of sisters, the brand also donates 10% of profits to women’s health, education and economic empowerment initiatives globally.