Blueground, The Global Proptech Company

Blueground, the global proptech company that is redefining the future of living and working with its flexible, fully-furnished, turnkey apartments, providing spaces that truly feel like “home” to customers, without the long term commitment.

As with many businesses, Blueground’s revenue, especially from corporate travel, was dramatically impacted when the pandemic hit, with businesses cancelling all trips indefinitely. Over a year later, the startup has seen a growing demand from digital nomads – those able to work from home and looking for a location-independent, technology-enabled lifestyle.



Blueground has since addressed this unmet need for flexibility with its unique approach of 30+ day stays:

  • With an average stay of four months, Blueground allows customers to feel at home while providing a flexible lifestyle unlike a traditional 12-month lease.

  • With a network of over 4,000 apartments in sought after neighbourhoods across 15 cities worldwide (and growing), Blueground offers flexibility for its customers to move between apartments across the globe, all with one consistent, quality  ‘host’

  • The apartments are high-quality, stylish, fully furnished, and turnkey, allowing you to just show up and start living

With flexibility at the heart of Blueground’s offering, its very own internal ‘Blueground Nomads’ programme allows employees to define their ideal working conditions by working from anywhere in the world.

To date, the company has raised a total of $78M in equity funding. As of July, Blueground has over 50 apartments in London, 80 in Paris, and 700 in Athens.