10 Startups In Guatemala To Keep An Eye On

Guatemala is becoming a global hub for innovative startups across various sectors.

Here’s a spotlight on ten Guatemalan startups making waves both nationally and internationally.

1. Duolingo – Revolutionising Language Learning

Why do I love Duolingo?. And why you should too. | by Marija Stojkovska |  Bootcamp

Duolingo has transformed the way people learn languages, making it fun, accessible, and highly effective. With its user-friendly app and gamified learning, learners worldwide can master new languages at their own pace.

This Guatemalan startup has become a household name. Its scalable model and range of languages make it a global leader in education technology.

2. GoBox Delivery – Streamlining Logistics



GoBox Delivery is helping Guatemalans access global stores by offering swift, reliable, and innovative delivery solutions.

Users are able to purchase from shops globally and have the items delivered straight to their door in Guatemala. GoBox handles shipping and delivery, making it easy for shoppers in Guatemala to get their hands on global goods.

3. TodoGar – Home Buying, Simplified


Todogar | Seedstars World


TodoGar is a PropTech company helping people find their dream homes and uniting home owners, brokers and buyers all in one place.

The company is on a mission to transform the way people traditionally acquire a property. It works by directly linking the owner of the property with the prospective buyer or renter, streamlining the process and helping people find their dream homes.


4. Doctor Online – Healthcare at Your Fingertips


Doctor Online | Mexico – Crescent


Doctor Online is bringing healthcare into the digital age, providing online consultations with certified medical professionals.

This platform addresses the gap in healthcare access, offering quick  medical advice and support without the need for physical visits. It’s a game-changer for patient care in Guatemala.


5. Corazon Verde – Empowering Sustainable Living



Corazon Verde is on a mission to promote sustainability through selling and delivering eco-friendly products.

By encouraging greener choices among consumers and businesses, Corazon Verde is contributing to environmental conservation and raising awareness about the importance of sustainable living.



6. Contento – Money Without Borders


Contento | LinkedIn


Contento is a FinTech platform designed to help Guatemalans have access to a variety of financial services.

The company offers transparent payment terms, quick transactions and reliability, allowing people to process their finances in a safe and secure way – all from their mobile.

7. Listo – Combatting Malnutrition

Listo Mani+

Listo is a social enterprise dedicated to fighting malnutrition in Guatemala.

The company specialises in snacks that are filled with all the vitamins, nutrients and minerals that are critical to their growth and development.

Not only do they provide food, they also provide education to mothers in rural areas to help combat malnutrition in the country.


8. Semilla Nueva – Agricultural Innovation



Semilla Nueva is an agricultural innovation company, developing and promoting farming techniques to improve the nutritional value of crop yields.

Focusing on corn, their seeds help families combat malnutrition by growing nutritionally rich and resilient crops.


9. TraeGuate – Carpooling Tech



TraeGuate is a mobile app for carpooling, allowing drivers to advertise and commercialise spare space in their car.

The company has revolutionised car pooling in the county, offering more economical travel that is both safe and comfortable.


10. Kingo Energy – Connecting People In Rural Areas


Kingo - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding


Kingo Energy is helping people off-grid connect more easily though clean energy and connectivity solutions.

They currently serve around 700 communities in rural Guatemala and Colombia, where traditional wire infrastructure is too expensive to deploy.

Through their work, they are transforming the lives of rural communities in the country’s most remote regions.


These ten startups represent the innovative spirit and entrepreneurial drive in Guatemala.

As we look forward to 2024, these companies are not only ones to watch but also to support, for their success is a step toward a more sustainable and inclusive future for all.