10 Startups In Mexico City To Watch

Mexico City is one of the America’s most exciting startup hubs, with innovative companies popping up to disrupt various industries.

Not only are these companies making an impact locally, they are also pushing forward innovation on a global scale.

Here, we take a look at 10 startups based in Mexico City that we think are worth keeping an eye on…


1. Moons – Affordable Orthodontics




Moons is changing the orthodontics space with its affordable invisible aligners. With results in just 6 months and no need for monthly consultations, Moons is providing a viable alternative to expensive, modern orthodontics.

With the full treatment costing just over £1,000 – nearly a third of the price of regular braces, Moons is helping more people in Mexico love their smiles.


2. Homie – Home Rental Platform






Homie is helping people navigate the real estate market in Mexico City with its online platform for home rentals.

Through Homie, renters can browse available properties, schedule viewings, and complete transactions online, saving time and hassle for both tenants and landlords and avoiding expensive agency fees.


3. MeduProtection – Protective Medical Equipment


Home - MEDU Protection


MeduProtection is helping protect Mexico’s medical workers with its personal protective medical equipment, designed to be re-used up to 50 times.

Not only is their protective equipment effective, it also helps medical companies reduce costs and stay eco-friendly by reducing waste associated with single-use equipment.


4. Kapital – Challenger Bank


Kapital secures $40M in Series B funding for SME tech expansion - LatamList


Kapital is a fintech startup that is reshaping the way Mexican companies operate.

With its user-friendly app, Kapital allows businesses to request credit, get paid, track payments and invest – all in once place.


5. Beek – Audiobooks


Beek: Leading audio subscription platform for Spanish content and creators  | Y Combinator


Beek is changing the way people consume books in Mexico and beyond.

Through its subscription-based platform, Beek gives literature lovers access to a vast library of audiobooks, challenges and meditations in Spanish, growing a love of books in people across Mexico.



6. Bono – Decorbonisation Software




Bono is helping companies and individuals measure, reduce and offset their carbon footprint through their unique technology.

The company identifies key areas of improvement and then delivers a decarbonisation plan, allowing companies to reduce their carbon footprint as much as possible and offset the rest.


7. Nilus – Reducing Food Inequality


Nilus – empowering people. Network


Nilus is on a mission to reduce food waste and fight hunger in Mexico City.

The company uses technology to lower the cost of food for those living on low incomes, helping them combat the high cost of living. The company has won a number of accolades and helped hundreds of people put food on the table.


8. Glitzi – Spa and Beauty Treatments


Glitzi (@GlitziMx) / X


Glitzi is changing the beauty industry in Mexico with its convenient, on-demand beauty services platform.

From haircuts to manicures, Glitzi connects users with beauty professionals who provide salon-quality services in the comfort of their own homes.


9. Sofia Salud – Medical Insurance



Sofia Salud is helping more people access private healthcare in Mexico through its health insurance platform.

By offering transparent pricing, customisable coverage options and an easy user experience, Sofia Salud is making quality healthcare more accessible to all Mexicans.


10. Albo – Personal Finance Software


Albo Logo PNG vector in SVG, PDF, AI, CDR format


Albo is disrupting the traditional banking sector in Mexico with its digital banking platform that empowers users to take control of their finances.

With features such as free accounts, budgeting tools, debit cards and instant money transfers Albo is making banking more convenient and affordable for Mexicans.