10 Startups In The Philippines To Watch

The Philippines‘ startup ecosystem is thriving, with a whole host of startups innovating in their sectors.

From fintech to education, these startups are not only improving the local economy but also making a global impact.

Here’s a look at 10 startups in the Philippines that we think everyone should keep an eye on.


1. Taxikel – Connecting Rural Communities



Taxikel is a marketplace designed to connect rural communities with consumers across the country.

Through their user-friendly site, Taxikel allows consumers to buy fresh products and have them delivered right to their door. Not only does this empower rural farmers, it gives people in the Philippines direct access to the best produce.


2. PayMongo – Simplifying Online Payments For Businesses


File:PayMongo Logo.svg - Wikimedia Commons


As a fintech startup, PayMongo is dedicated to simplifying online payments for businesses in the Philippines.

Through its API platform, companies can easily accept payments through various channels, including credit cards and e-wallets, helping them with smoother transactions online.


3. Sustansiya – Improving Productivity In Poultry Farming




Sustansiya is on a mission to improve productivity in poultry farming for farmers in the Philippines.

The company not only helps farmers manage their flock, but also produces biofertilizer from poultry manure.

This allows the company to contribute to a more circular fertiliser economy, helping farmers with crop growth and animal rearing in tandem.


4. EduSuite – School Management System


Edusuite (New Online Platform) Launch: CIIT Philippines


EduSuite is an AI-driven school management tool designed to optimise admin in educational institutions.

Through gathering insights, it provides schools and universities with tools for enrolment, scheduling, and other tasks, helping leaders focus more on enhancing the school and less on menial admin.


5. Lawyerly – Legal Software For Students



Lawyerly is a legal-tech startup that works as a search engine for law students, helping them find, format and organise laws.

The platform allows students to search for all supreme court cases, laws, rules and regulations. Once searched, students can create their own materials for revision, and can even collaborate with classmates to share learnings.



6. ZipMatch – Transforming Real Estate


ZipMatch | Proptech Zone - leading Startup Database


ZipMatch is an online platform that simplifies the process of finding, renting and purchasing homes.

By providing detailed property listings, virtual tours, and expert advice, ZipMatch makes home buying, renting and selling more accessible and efficient.


7. Fitscovery – Fitness Building


Grow your fitness business online - Fitscovery


Fitscovery is a startup helping people in the Philippines grow their fitness businesses online.

The platform allows them to do everything from creating a website, scheduling classes, manage memberships, take payments and more. Its quick and easy app means fitness entrepreneurs can see everything in one place and manage their businesses seamlessly.


8. Trippr.travel – Redefining Local Travel


Trippr - Turn Your Dream Vacation Into Reality


Trippr.travel is a travel-tech startup that helps travellers plan their trips.

The website provides full daily itineraries to help travellers explore the hidden gems of the Philippines, including everything from timings to tips and prices.

With plans to include itineraries in the Philippines, Japan, Indonesia and Singapore, trippr is set to be a one stop shop for travellers across the country.


9. Sakahon – From Seed To Table

Sakahon App - mPreneur


Sakahon is a B2B agritech startup in the Philippines, focused on providing seeds to farmers and helping them nurture their crops until they are ready to sell.

Through bespoke tech, Sakahon is helping farmers manage their crops for optimal growth and enhanced quality.


10. Edukasyon,ph – School Application Platform




Edukasyon.ph is an edtech platform that is empowering Filipino students by providing easy and accessible information around school applications.

Not only that, it also provides information around studying abroad and scholarships, helping students make more informed decisions about their education and future careers.


The Philippines’ startup scene is hot with potential, driven by entrepreneurs who are committed to solving real-world problems through innovation.

Keep an eye on these 10 startups as they continue to grow and evolve into 2024.