10 Startups To Watch In Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is quick becoming a hub of innovation in Europe, with the city being home to over 2,100 startups according to Catalonia.com.

According to the New Barcelona Post, Barcelona startups are the fourth largest emerging ecosystem worldwide, making it an interesting city to watch.

Here, we look at 10 startups in Barcelona that we think are worth keeping an eye on. Let’s take a look…


Wallapop – Buy And Sell Locally


Wallapop - Wikipedia


Wallapop is helping create a circular economy by allowing people to sell second hand items from the comfort of their sofa.

The app allows people to search and sell by location, making it easier to find local deals. With  millions of users across Spain, Wallapop is helping create a more sustainable and circular economy.


Holded – Business Management Software



Holded is a business management software for SMEs, designed to help them streamline their business.

The platform allows companies to manage their accounting, invoicing, project management and inventory, helping them make better decisions around profit.


TAPP Water – Clean Water Filter



TAPP Water | EU-Startups


TAPP Water is helping more people access clean drinking water with their bespoke water filters.

Their water filters remove contaminants from tap water, allowing people to have bottle-grade drinking water, without the need to use single-use plastic bottles.

Their products are easy to install, making them a great choice for households worldwide.


Libre Foods – Plant-Based Meats


Libre Foods | LinkedIn


Libre Foods is on a mission to provide healthy, meat-alternatives with its plant-based products.

Using fungi, the company creates a number of fake meat products, including bacon and chicken. As a company Libre aims to reduce our reliance on animals for food, helping people live a more sustainable diet.


Cuideo – Home Care Services


Cuideo Logo


Cuideo provides easy-to-organise care services for the elderly, helping them get the support they need to live independent and happy lives.

With a network of professional caregivers, Cuideo works by matching clients with the right caregiver based on their specific needs. The platform is easy to use, making it easier for families to find reliable support for their loved ones.



Acqustic – Providing A Platform For Musicians


Acqustic Platform, S.l. in Barcelona: Tickets, Guest Lists & VIP tables - Bpremium


Acqustic is a platform that helps independent musicians share their music with new fans. The community brings together musicians, industry companies, brands and fans to help music lovers discover new sounds.

The site also includes live events, helping promote new sounds across Spain.


Pack2Earth – Sustainable Packaging


Pack2Earth | LinkedIn


Pack2Earth is a company that is on a mission to reduce plastic waste through its eco-friendly packaging.

The materials are made from plants and minerals to replace plastic, ensuring companies and consumers have more sustainable solutions to choose from.


Paack – Efficient Delivery Services


Paack Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of paack.co


Paack is a delivery service that provides accurate logistics around shipping.

The company aims to provide more timely, sustainable and efficient deliveries for businesses and consumers, helping to reduce their carbon footprint without compromising on reliability.


Xceed – Nightlife Bookings


Xceed | Facebook


Xceed is helping people plan their night out with its event management platform.

The app allows people to find events, parties and festivals at clubs and restaurants around the world. On the flip side, Xceed helps event planners manage and promote their events on one easy to use platform.


Sycaimedical – Medical Imaging Technology


Logo sycai medical blanco.jpg


Sycaimedical us a healthcare platform that has developed imaging technology to detect and prevent certain cancers.

The technology analyses CT scans and MRIs looking for abnormalities, without the need for radiologists, helping to diagose diseases more accurately.