10 Startups To Watch In Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world, offering a mix of a modern metropolis, beautiful nature and ancient temples.

But alongside its culture, Hong Kong has also emerged as a startup hub. According to StartmeupHK, Hong Kong was home to 4,257 startups in 2023.

Here, we look at 10 startups in Hong Kong that we think are worth watching. Let’s get into it…


1. Reap – Financial Connectedness


Reap Strengthens Its Compliance and Risk Management with Chainalysis


Reap is a finance platform, designed to help businesses manage their cashflow, process payments and view their credit.

The company offers a number of solutions, including a credit card, payment platform and API, helping businesses optimise their finances.


2. Lalamove – On-Demand Delivery




Lalamove is an on-demand delivery service in Hong Kong, offering 24/7 delivery logistics.

The platform helps businesses of all sizes streamline their operations, delivering goods quickly and efficiently.


3. YouTrip – Travel Wallet


Singapore's YouTrip eyes international expansion following $50m Series B  raise


YouTrip is helping people pay in multiple currencies with no fees.

Using a pre-paid mastercard, YouTrip users can buy items in over 150 currencies, making it the perfect travel companion.


4. GoodNotes – Online Note-Taking




GoodNotes is an app designed to change the way people take notes at work.

The app allows users to create, design and share their notes – perfect for group projects or collaborations.


5. WATI – Customer Relations Tool

Wati | LinkedIn

WATI is a customer relations platform, helping SMEs communicate with their customers through WhatsApp.

The company helps businesses converse with their customers at scale through a Whatsapp business API. This can help ensure communication remains constant and businesses are able to speak to their customers wherever they are.



6. AfterShip – Shipment Tracking


File:Aftership logo 1a.png - Wikimedia Commons


AfterShip is a shipment tracking platform that allows businesses to more accurately track their shipments.

Through providing real-time updates and notifications, AfterShip helps businesses manage their operations more easily.


7. Yuneec – Drone Technology


Yuneec UK


Yuneec is a drone technology development company, designing drones for a range of businesses needs.

Their drones can be used for commercial projects by providing aerial photography, surveying, and inspection.

As companies look to drones for providing more streamlined operations, Yuneec is a growing playing in this developing space.


8. CircleDNA – DNA Testing


CircleDNA Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of circledna.com


CircleDNA is a genetic testing company that offers over 500 reports on a person’s health.

These insights span from heritage to health and diet, allowing users to know more about their DNA. Available for both children and parents, the company is helping more people make informed lifestyle decisions based on their genes.


9. WeConvene – Event Management


WeConvene Announces New Corporate Branding


WeConvene is an event management platform for businesses, designed to help organise and create professional meetings.

The company works to enhance investor relations, whether it’s through selling, relationship building or buying.

By having everything in one place, WeConvene is helping more businesses organise their meetings more effectively.


10. Incus – Smart Hearing Aids


Incus logo


Incus is changing the way people use hearing technology through their comfortable and user-friendly hearing aids.

The company allows users to reduce background noise and hear more clearly, making the experience more pleasant for those with hearing loss.