11. Toucan


Founders: David King, Matt Crate, John Barrett and Melody Truong

Website: https://thetoucan.app/

Business: A charity app digitising the act of giving and making donating more accessible for younger generations.




Toucan is a charity donation app creating a community of givers to amplify the work done by charities. The startup are on a mission to create a world where giving is second nature by making it fun, flexible and accessible to all.

Toucan was founded in 2021 by David King, Matt Crate, John Barrett and Melody Truong, built on the realisation that while Millennials were one of the largest giving groups generationally, the most common method of donations hadn’t kept up – still being cash. Noticing that the sector was in need of digital innovation, the four set out to create something that would help charities receive donations while also resonating with the younger generations.



Creating a business in the middle of a pandemic was no easy task, faced with all the regular challenges of starting up alongside all of the new issues that COVID-19 had brought – co-founder Matt, for example, having to learn how to be a new dad and split childcare throughout lockdown while helping to build Toucan.

Matt comments: “There’s a bit of a stereotype being a tech founder. You have financial freedom and you have a great lifestyle. It’s literally the opposite. I chase slivers of time to be productive, every minute counts, and it’s stressful.”

The future of Toucan is set to to be community-led giving, offering users the ability to create their own Impact Fund, where followers can see their causes, donate and share their own personal charities.

Toucan is helping to bring charitable giving into the digital space, connecting with younger generations and making donating more accessible.


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