10. Blueheart

Founder: Sachin Raoul

Website: https://www.blueheart.io/

Business: An app that offers an online sex therapy plan led by renowned therapists.




Blueheart is an app that aims to democratise sex therapy. Founded in 2020, Blueheart’s founder, Sachin Raoul, wanted to make sure that everyone was able to access sex and relationship therapy without being constrained by cost, location or shame. After experiencing issues around sex that took a toll on his own mental health, Sachin found sex therapy to be hugely beneficial, but largely out of reach and lacking specialised professionals. The app was created to tear down the accessibility barriers around sex and relationship therapy, and to help others struggling with sexual dysfunction. Blueheart has since been able to help over 25,000 users overcome sexual dysfunction and enjoy sex again.

Initially, Blueheart experienced difficulty convincing others that the sextech market is huge. Investors often acknowledged sex and relationship problems as niche topics, when, in actual fact, they’re universal. However, due to an increase in engagement around these ‘taboo’ topics throughout 2021, important conversations and solutions, such as Blueheart, have been able to penetrate mainstream media.



Blueheart has also had challenges when it comes to advertising in the sextech sector. Vague rules allow social media platforms to make undisciplined decisions on what can and can’t be permitted; in some cases, several of their adverts were spontaneously banned after running for 2 months, despite initially passing checks. Entrepreneurs looking to innovate in the sextech space should be aware that they will not have the same access to advertising channels as companies and products in other industries, so they will need to get creative.

Blueheart is currently working on making the platform more personalised to target the specific issues people have. It’s critical to be inclusive of all sexual orientations and gender identities so that everyone can receive efficient support, particularly those that have historically been excluded from research and therapy. Over the course of the year, Blueheart will be working with their expert advisors to expand the dysfunctions that they treat within the app, and the audiences that they are able to serve and support.


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