9. ChatterStars

Founder: Helen Prince

Website: https://chatterstars.co.uk/

Business: A vocabulary app for children aiming to bridge the word-gap and give the future generation a stronger voice.


About 6 or 7 years ago, through founder Helen Prince’s work with Ofsted and academy trusts, the word gap and its impact on life chances for increasing numbers of young people became frighteningly clear. Academic achievement, self-esteem, confidence, and well-being were all suffering from poor vocabulary, limiting our children’s ability to express themselves and their ideas.

Helen searched hard for a little and often digital resource to build vocabulary and soon realised it did not exist. Then, after joining forces with tech entrepreneur Matt Salter, ChatterStars was born with a clear mission – to equip all young people with an eloquent, brave, world-changing voice that enables choice, regardless of barriers.

Chatterstars boosts vocabulary confidence – the best predictor of future success – providing schools and parents with a fun, engaging solution to address the word gap. Games can be played individually or used to stimulate discussion, allowing pupils to unpick layers of meaning and connotation – the bedrock of English assessment.



Through a range of targeted puzzle types, Chatterstars tracks each child’s progress and report a unique ‘Vocabulary Age’, providing schools and parents with the information needed to help bridge the word gap and improve life chances.

Helen comments: “Funding and managing the enormity of tech development has been a real challenge. We are so thankful to have secured a recent investment from TwinklHive. Their expertise and guidance are invaluable; the world of start-ups isn’t always easy to navigate! Having the benefit of Twinkl’s insight and depth of experience and knowledge in this sector will be invaluable for us in these early days and beyond.”

“This year, we want to grow, to learn and to become the best we can be! We will be refining and improving our primary school app and releasing a brand new, bespoke solution for parents and tutors to learn 11+ vocabulary. Deep learning has been designed to become a core part of the platform’s improvement, taking all inputs from behaviour to performance to continuously improve our IP and student performance.”

“Our dreams for the future are big; the impact of a limited vocabulary is not specific to the UK, not specific to native speakers and does not disappear when young people leave education – we will strive to provide solutions for all these needs. Our goal is to be the number 1, go-to resource for all learners to build a powerful voice.”


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