12. Bull Project Ltd

Founder: Franco Di Stefano and Gustavo A. Zach

Website: https://www.bullprojectltd.com/

Business: Provides startups with scalable BPO (business processing outsourcing) services, hiring, recruiting, managing and paying remote teams’ salaries in LATAM via cryptocurrencies.




Founded in April 2020, Franco Di Stefano launched Bull Project Ltd alongside his partner with no investment, bootstrapping his startup ever since.

Starting in a global pandemic, Franco noted that his first 3 months starting up Bull Project were incredibly challenging, having to convince clients, hire employees, create websites, write services agreements and more, all whilst trying to compete against big names in the sector as well as other companies backed by venture capital.

Despite these challenges, in the first month the startup managed to obtain their very first client, putting their services on the map.



Franco worked over 16hrs in the day 7 days a week during the first few months of starting up. Since its launch, Bull Project has now provided over 50,000 websites to its clients, providing its services to clients in London, Tel Aviv, USA and Mexico, and has hired more than 20 people across a range of Latin American countries.

The Bull Project state: “We are a UK based company with outstanding expertise in the management of fully remote teams. Our offices in South America are based in Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil. Which provides us with an extensive number of professionals ready to work. We work under a culture of corporate social responsibility, so we focus our employee recruitment in young minorities, victims of gender violence and people with motor disabilities.”

The startup are on a mission to reach £2 million in revenue by the end of this year, working to provide their services to more clients while hiring more people, expanding their reach.


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