22. Well Squared

Zobir Alexander Well Squared

Founder: Zobir Alexander

Website: https://wellsquared.com/

Business: Provides high-quality, great-tasting vitamin gummies to make supplementary nutrition more easy and enjoyable.




Well Squared is on a mission to keep busy and health conscious people happy by providing nutrition that’s convenient and enjoyable. How? Through plant-powered and science-backed gummy vitamins.

The pandemic was a wake up call and really emphasised the importance of health and nutrition for everyone. In the UK alone, tens of millions of people are not meeting their nutritional needs.

Empowering individuals on their well being journey and helping people to stay healthy are major reasons for why Well Squared do what they do. The startup’s doctor-led team have developed a tasty, plant-based and eco-friendly solution to combat these issues.



Well Squared was launched in November 2021 and since then, they’ve faced many challenges. A key one is driving awareness of their products with a limited budget. In general, there’s been many hurdles including web design, logistics, shipping and partnerships. Since they’re bootstrapping, the startup had to navigate these problems by upskilling themselves as opposed to relying on external help. Persistence and a positive mindset were key in helping Well Squared overcome these challenges.

Additionally, Well Squared joined the NatWest Accelerator Programme as a way to network with other businesses and develop their entrepreneurial skills.

The startup’s priority for this year is to educate and develop a community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about wellbeing and nutrition. This year Well Squared are aiming to demonstrate demand for their products in the UK before expanding internationally.


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