23. Quartr


Founders: Sami Osman, August Nordström, Oliver Hamrin, Oscar Küntzel & David Dag

Website: https://quartr.com/

Business: An investment app empowering investors to make smarter decisions through easy access to company information.




Quartr was founded in 2020 by five entrepreneurs who met through the Swedish financial Twitter community. The startup is led by Sami Osman, who became CEO at just 25 years old, a year before the company raised $4.5million in seed funding.

One of the biggest challenges Quartr has faced so far has been launching during Covid-19. In the first quarter of 2020, and also much of the second, many start-ups and even well-established businesses struggled to survive, as global hiring ground to a halt and investment became harder to secure. However, despite these difficult conditions, Quartr has managed to grow to a team of 30 people, with plans for international expansion unfolding.



Thanks to apps like Quartr democratising financial information, the archetypal notion of an ‘investor’ is changing. Now, novice investors can harness the power of endless resources, expert guidance, and public company information, to make informed investment decisions, in turn demystifying the process of becoming a shareholder.

The Quartr app now has over 250,000 played events from more than 5,000 companies across 15 markets. This year Quartr will scale its platform and operations globally, bolstering its B2B division so that companies can use the platform to connect and get feedback from investors located in over 150 markets around the world.


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