25. Airofit

Founder: Christian Poulsen

Website: https://uk.airofit.com/

Business: Developing unique health-tech solutions in the area of respiratory muscle training.




Founded in 2016, Airofit is the Copenhagen based fit-tech start-up on a mission to bring better breathing to the world. The technology behind the company’s flagmanship product – respiratory training system Airofit PRO – was initially created for patients with asthma and COPD.

Currently Airofit PRO breathing trainer is aiming to help professional athletes, amatuer sportsmen as well as health-and wellbeing-conscious men and women to elevate their sports performance and boost their health via a better breathing function.
All made possible by increasing users’ accessible vital lung capacity, boosting their respiratory strength and supporting anaerobic tolerance.

So to say, starting its launch in 2016 Airofit helped more than 75K+ of men and women worldwide to reach their performance and recovery goals in different sports disciplines as well as strengthened their health and wellbeing.

While providing it’s users with unprecedented respiratory training experience Airofit is cooperating with the best thought leaders in the world of breathing as well as having access to the respiratory training data of more than 30K+ athletes, who previously used the device.



Currently Airofit is on the verge of launching new versions of their breathing trainers, which will provide its users with best possible in-app breath coaching modules developed in cooperation with top world-renown coaches and breath gurus. Further to say the new app versions will be available in 6 languages which will open new markets and provide even more Airofit users with the outstanding breathing training in their native languages.

Being the owner of the world’s biggest data on respiratory muscle training, Airofit is also cooperating with the foundation of Multiple Sclerosis as breathing training allows the people undergoing the health and wellbeing challenges to train their body by breath training.

Despite unprecedented global challenges in 2020-2021, Airofit outpaced many trends seen elsewhere in the start-up industry, as it drastically increased volumes and invested into the massive product upscale, resulting in new users of their device and significant expansion of their expertise in the world of breathing.

During the challenging 2021 pandemic year Airofit passed $10 million in revenue. All done through organic growth.

As the respiratory breathing trainer market continues to expand drastically, the future of Airofit is much more than just a breathing trainer. With all the Airofit knowledge, expertise and technology in the area of respiratory muscle training it can become a world-renowned expertise and technology-solution leader in the area of breathing which will help people globally to improve their quality of life through a better breathing.


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