29. Cake

Founder: Chris Thomas

Website: https://cake.agency/

Business: An eCommerce agency “founded by retailers for retailers”, advising businesses on how to boost their digital strategy.




Cake is a Birmingham-based agency founded by retailers for retailers. With over 16 years of experience growing online stores, the team offers experience and expertise to a new generation of entrepreneurs looking to build their brand online. Advising businesses of all sizes, Cake helps companies to perfect their online proposition and digital strategy. After generating almost £1m in sales during 2021 and successfully rebranding from ‘Digital Cake’ to ‘Cake’, the agency has also expanded its team by 400% since its inception in 2017 – growing from 4 team members to 20.

Alongside actively pursuing its fast-growth strategy, the Cake team also utilises its in-house expertise to support its clients’ scale-up journeys. Channelling a holistic approach, the team create, grow, and transform brands in a way that reflects their values and personality, building bespoke websites on solid foundations and delivering relevant, timely and consistent strategic marketing campaigns as remarkable as the brands themselves. The team work with a host of brands – including Bad Monday, P&Co, 304 Clothing and most recently, it Luggage – to establish realistic targets, including traffic and conversion rates. This diligent approach has resulted in mutually beneficial client relationships, with the agency seeing an impressive client retention rate of over 80%.

Due to the multi-faceted nature of the work Cake offers its clients – coupled with resignation rates skyrocketing due to the ‘Big Quit’ movement – finding and retaining talented staff with stellar industry expertise has proven an ongoing challenge for the company. However, the company is set to further optimise as an agency in 2022 after successfully recruiting 10 new team members within the past 12 months to support its extensive growth, resulting in a 95% level of staff retention. With ambitious growth plans for 2022, Cake is committed to investing in fresh talent as part of its ongoing pledge to hire local graduates each year.


During the past 12 months, the agency has overcome the pressures of a highly-competitive market by drawing on its senior leadership team’s diverse skillset to implement its unique methodology and services, allowing the team to truly drill down into its niche and deliver a consistent return on investment for clients. For example, the agency has successfully navigated the implications of the iOS14 updates upon paid media advertising, which has made it directly harder to track and acquire new and potential customers.

Coupled with the fiercely competitive online retail landscape – heightened by lockdown restrictions within the past two years – the agency is continuously innovating and developing various new products and services to stand out amongst its competitors. From providing expert consultancy through its ‘Gross Demand Plan’ – which is the first step in setting businesses up for rapid growth – to offering five-day design sprints for brands to efficiently deliver low-cost, tried-and-tested concepts, the agency consistently delivers value and expertise to its clients.


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