38. Justt

Founders: Roenen Ben-Ami and Ofir Tahor

Website: https://justt.ai/

Business: Helps make credit card dispute processes fair, simple and hands-free for merchants.




Using machine learning and deep domain knowledge, Justt effortlessly flags incorrect chargebacks, and builds tailored solutions to gather and submit evidence on merchants’ behalf.

When the first seeds for Justt were being planted, the startup’s co-founders, Roenen Ben-Ami and Ofir Tahor, lived continents apart. To collaborate together Roenen had to work late in the evenings in Israel, while Ofir was enduring the freezing cold of Toronto, Canada. Eventually, when Justt really got off the ground, Ofir decided to relocate his whole family to Israel to focus on developing the business with Roenen.



In 2021, Justt faced the challenge of growing the team from a handful of people to close to 150 employees, recruiting and onboarding entire teams amid Covid. That same year the company successfully raised $65 million in Series A and Series B funding from strategic investors, including not just VC investors but also relevant angel investors like David Marcus (former president of PayPal), Carl Pascarella (former president and CEO of Visa USA) and Jacqueline Reses (former head of Square Capital).

In the year ahead, Justt plan to open an American office, grow headcount to around 225 people and add some two dozen more brand name logos to their client list. The startup also already have two client-facing product releases in the works to provide chargeback insights to clients and are working on several internal products to improve the efficiency of their automated, machine learning solution.

Expect to hear more from Justt in 2022!


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