39. Explode Social Media

Founder: Lindi Mngaza

Website: https://explodesocialmedia.com/

Business: One of the fastest-growing social media companies within the West Midlands, offering bespoke marketing and communication campaigns for leading UK brands.




Founded in 2016 by director Lindi Mngaza, with clients including the likes of Livingproof, Heaven Skincare and Mockingbird Raw Press, Explode Social Media specialises in curating dynamic paid and organic social media content that leads to conversions, clicks and most importantly, client satisfaction.

Due to the multi-faceted nature of the work Explode offers its clients – coupled with resignation rates skyrocketing across the UK throughout 2021 due to the ‘Big Quit’ movement – finding and retaining talented staff with stellar industry expertise has proven an ongoing challenge for the company.



However, the digital agency has had over 100% team growth within the past 12 months, with an impressive 0% staff turnover. To align with this fast-paced growth, Explode has recently moved from their former office in the Jewellery Quarter to a new home right in the heart of Birmingham’s Colmore Business District. Alongside this recent investment into a brand new office space, the team are poised to continue to go from strength to strength in the coming months and are on track to double its team size by the end of 2022.

As well as having a say in the optimisation of their office space, the whole team is involved in conversations around business growth and goal setting. This shared vision, constant growth, and drive mean Explode is continuously pushing forwards to win new clients and projects that align with the interests and passions of the team.

By matching clients to the specific skillsets of its team, Explode is able to cultivate strong client relationships where all parties are on the same page. This mutually beneficial approach not only guarantees client satisfaction but also allows the team to reap the rewards of Explode’s performance-related bonus scheme. What’s more, Explode’s results speak for themselves: despite the economic uncertainty created by the pandemic, Lindi and her team have continued to push the business forward, seeing revenue rocket by 46% in 2021 alone.


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