40. Glas Data

Founders: Colin Phillipson and Robert Sanders

Website: https://glas-data.com/

Business: A tool to help tackle data fragmentation in agriculture.




Glas Data was founded in 2018 to tackle the issue of data fragmentation in the agricultural sector. Currently there are huge blockers to data analysis as relevant sources are scattered and sit in isolated islands. Glas Data’s mission is to unite these data sources and provide the best tool to map the relations between all these sources.

Ultimately the startup’s platform will be used to reach the optimal environment for both productivity and sustainability and will do so automatically for the end user.



Glas Data has now integrated over 100 different agricultural data sources into its platform and the list continues to grow. On top of that the startup have embedded advanced mathematics and statistics tools that enable pattern and trend detection. This has presented a significant challenge and one that Glas Data are uniquely positioned to overcome.

Glas Data is now entering its scale-up phase. Over this year they will be building their automated order and delivery system so that anyone in the world can access the platform and also order hardware (over 70 different items) that will push data into their account. The startup aim to provide an amazon style experience, combined with a data analytics platform that is highly targeted toward agriculture. Watch this space!


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