5 Startups To Watch In The Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a country known for its stunning beaches, vibrant culture and its mix of Spanish and Mexican architecture.

In fact, the country itself is an interesting case study, as it shares its island land with the country of Haiti. With Haiti historically colonised by the French and The Dominican Republic by The Spanish, the two nations, though side by side have completely different histories and economies.

In fact, despite being next to the Caribbean’s poorest country, the Dominican Republic is now considered a middle income country, with an economy that is growing year on year…and startups are a part of that.

Here, we take a look at 5 startups in the Dominican Republic that are innovating both locally and globally. Let’s explore…


1. Amero: Digital Currency Exchange



Amero is helping more people manage their finances online with its digital currency exchange platform.

It allows its users to buy, sell, and trade various cryptocurrencies more easily. With a focus on security and accessibility, Amero is helping more Dominicans reap the rewards of the digital economy.



2. YoJuego: Sports Community App




YoJuego, meaning ‘I play’ in Spanish connects people who want to play sports with available spots clubs, to allow them to more easily book and manage team games.

By helping people find sports field, YoJuego is connecting the sports community in the Dominican Republic and helping clubs more easily boost their income, helping to create a booming sports economy.


3. Agricultic: Agricultural Industry Booster




Agricultic is on a mission to modernise agriculture in the Dominican Republic by helping farmers access more modern solutions.

Through a mix of marketing, investment and technology, the company helping farmers manage their crops, see the price of local commodities and access investment where needed.

By helping farmers commercialise their crops, Agricultic is helping to create a more efficient and profitable farming sector.


4. YoYo: Online Credit Card



YoYo allows small businesses in the Dominican Republic to manage their payment online.

As many communities in the country still rely on cash, this startup is on a mission to make digital payments more accessible. Through allowing payments via WhatsApp, businesses can be paid instantly and receive funds quickly with a small and transparent commission per transaction.


5. Agro360: Agricultural AI




Agro360 is an AI platform that is on a mission to boost farming.

Using AI technology, they provide farmers with real-time data to help them improve crop management and yield.

Their platform is all about helping to reduce waste and increase efficiency in the sector. This not only helps with productivity, it also allows farmers to combat the negative effects of climate change and reduce reliance on chemicals for growing.