6 Pacific Nation Startups To Watch

The Pacific region is a beautiful part of the world. Home to world-famous beaches, incredible wildlife and friendly communities.

But it’s also home to a number of startups, each of them designed to help tackle some of the region’s challenges.

Here we spotlight 6 Pacific nation startups that we think are worth watching in 2024 and beyond. Let’s take a look…


1. Odesh – On-Demand Taxi Service



Odesh is streamlining transport in Papua New Guinea with its on-demand taxi service. The startup launches to improve transport services in the city with its safer, transparent and more affordable taxi service.

The platform has more than 100 taxis and has provided transport to more than 1 million people in Port Moresby City.


2. Reelae – Virtual Learning



Reelae, another startup from Papua New Guinea, is helping people learn more productively through its online platform.

Reelae is an online learning platform that allows students to access everything in one place, from any device. It covers K-12, vocational courses and higher education, making learning more accessible to people all over the country.



3. Swoop Aero – Drone Delivery Service


Aircraft Builder - Swoop Aero - Applied


Swoop Aero, though launched in Australia, is making a huge impact in remote island in Vanuatu with its drone delivery service.

The startup uses drones to send medical supplies, vaccines and other essentials to remote and hard-to-reach areas.

Through their powerful drones, Swoop Aero is helping to improve healthcare access in the Pacific.


4. Defiant Robotics – 3D Printed Robots



Defiant Robotics, based in Tonga, develops custom 3D printed bionic arms and prosthetic legs as well as other robotic products.

The country’s first robot manufacturer, according to Mantangi Tonga, is currently working on developing a few prototypes, including a cleaning robot for solar panels, which will help increase the country’s solar energy. Newly formed, this is certainly a startup set to make a big impact in the region.


5. South Pacific Mozuku – Sustainable Seaweed Farming


South Pacific Mozuku


South Pacific Mozuku, operating from Tonga focuses on sustainable seaweed farming.

The startup cultivates Mozuku, a type of seaweed that can be eaten and is prized for its nutritional benefits.

Their farming practices are sustainable, allowing people to access this nutritious food without damaging the environment.


6. Howarig Traders – Digital Asset Exchange


Howarig Traders - Logo


Howarig Traders, based in Papua New Guinea, is helping people on the island buy and sell digital assets.

By using local payment options, the company is on a mission to help more people engage in the digital economy.

Additionally, through resources like eBooks, the company is helping people understand this emerging digital asset world, so they can reap the rewards from it.