6 Startups In The Caribbean To Watch

The Caribbean is home to several beautiful island nations, each with their own unique culture, community and nature.

But the Caribbean is also home to a growing number of startups, on a mission to drive innovation in the region.

Here, we take a look at 6 startups in the Caribbean that we think are worth watching. Let’s take a look…


1. Grada: Business Software For Loans

Grada International

Grada is a software platform for loans companies, allowing them to onboard, monitor and report on loans.

Not only that, the platform also provides risk metrics, to ensure companies can keep track of clients who have made late payments. Based in the Cayman Islands, Grada is helping more companies manage client loans accurately and efficiently.


2. Kanoo Pays: Digital Payments Solution


mobile logo


Kanoo Pays is making waves in the Caribbean’s fintech scene with their digital payment solution designed to help people transfer money faster.

Based in The Bahamas, it provides a secure and convenient way for people to send and receive money.

Kanoo Pays is helping to make the digital finance economy more accessible across the region.


3. BookFusion: Digital Reading Platform


BookFusion Blog - Reading Redefined


BookFusion is changing the way people read and share books in the Caribbean.

Headed up in New York but launched across the Caribbean in partnership with Macmillan Education, this digital reading platform allows users to access a huge library of eBooks.

With features like customisable reading and offline access, BookFusion is helping to promote a love for reading throughout the Caribbean.



4. EduFocal: Online Learning Resource


EduFocal Logo


EduFocal is a Jamaican-based startup on a mission to transform education in the Caribbean.

By providing an online learning resources that offer a variety of courses and resources, EduFocal helps students prepare for exams in an engaging and effective way.


5. Epic Assure: Insurance Technology




Jamaican-based Epic Assure is disrupting the insurance industry in the Caribbean with its insurance tech solutions.

The platform allows people to find personalised insurance products with transparent terms. Through making insurance more simple and accessible, Epic Assure is helping more people access the coverage they need.


6. The MD Link: Telemedicine Services




The MD Link is another Jamaican startup that is helping to make medicine more accessible in the Caribbean.

By providing a platform that connects patients with healthcare providers remotely, they can access video consultations, prescriptions and other services online – helping to make healthcare more accessible.