8 Startups In Tunisia To Watch

Tunisia, a Northern African country known for its cultural heritage, ancient architecture and souks is also home to a number of startups.

In fact, Tunisia is emerging as one of Africa’s most exciting startup economies. Here, we take a look at 8 startups in Tunisia that we think are worth keeping an eye on…


1. Kaoun: Financial Inclusion Platform


Kaoun | Startup Partenaire UIT


Kaoun is helping more people access financial services in Tunisia by helping unbanked and underbanked people monetise better.

The startup offers a number of platforms that help businesses and people take payments, manage money and comply with country regulations – all in one place.


2. MooMe: Dairy Farm Productivity




MooMe helps dairy farmers in Africa run more profitable and sustainable businesses through its platform.

By allowing farmers to manage their farms through the platform, they can save time on tracking and more easily see the health and productivity of their cows all in one place.


3. Cure Bionics: Bionic Hands


Cure Bionics - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding


Cure Bionics is helping amputees access more realistic bionics through their bionic hands.

Fully customisable and able to mechanically move, their bionic hands are easy to use and discreet, making them both practical and aesthetic.



4. Orbit Solutions: Energy Management Software


Fiche entreprise: ORBIT ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS - Keejob


Orbit Solutions is an energy management and monitoring software, designed for those who build and manage facilities.

The company aims to improve energy efficiency through reporting, giving managers data about how much energy their buildings are using – and identifying ways to reduce it.


5. Cynoia: Collaboration Tool




Cynoia is a platform for team project management, allowing employees to plan, monitor and track their own work and the work of their teams.

Their tool integrates a number of applications into one platform, helping drive productivity in real-time. As a tool for collaboration for remote teams as well as in person ones, Cynoia is a great platform for any manager.


6. Smart Beekeeper: Beekeeping Technology


شراء | SmartBeekeeper.com


Smart Beekeeper is helping to modernise the beekeeping industry with its hive monitoring systems.

Using specialised technology, they provide beekeepers with real-time data on hive conditions, helping them keep track of the health and productivity of bee colonies.


7. Sghartoon: Education For Kids With Learning Difficulties




Sghartoon focuses on education for children with learning difficulties, providing a platform for parents, therapists and schools to come together.

Through helping parents detect signs of leaning difficulties through games, the company ensures children can access the help that they need and track their progress.


8. FabSkill: Recruitment Platform


Fabskill Recruitment and job offers


FabSkill is an AI-drive recruitment platform that connects employers with top talent and helps people find their dream job.

By using AI, FabSkill is able to more accurately match job seekers with the right job opportunities, helping reduce the cost for companies and the stress for employees.