Age Tech Startups Improving The Lives Of The Elderly

Age tech is increasingly focusing on improving the lives of the elderly by using innovative approaches and technology-driven solutions to address the unique needs and challenges faced by seniors.

Startups are playing a key role in this transformation, dedicating themselves to offering practical solutions that promote independence, safety, and well-being for seniors.

These initiatives aim to enhance the quality of life for seniors and promote a more inclusive and supportive society by leveraging technology.


What Is Ageism?


Ageism is a form of discrimination deeply rooted in society, targeting older adults based on negative stereotypes. This affects their well-being and society as a whole. Despite its widespread presence, ageism often goes unnoticed as it remains socially acceptable.

This bias influences various aspects of life, from employment decisions to medical treatment, and causes harmful misconceptions about aging. However, there are numerous reports that show many age-related stereotypes are unproven. Older adults often maintain good health, cognitive function, and emotional regulation.

Challenging ageist beliefs through education and intergenerational contact can combat this prejudice, encouraging a more inclusive and age-just society. These efforts are crucial for promoting positive attitudes toward ageing and improving the lives of older adults.


What Is Age Tech?


Age tech, also known as ElderTech, Gerontech, or Gerontechnology, refers to digital technology designed specifically for older adults, with their needs and preferences in mind. This includes various technological innovations aimed at enhancing the lives of aging individuals.

Examples of age tech include care-coordination apps, which facilitate communication and organisation among family members caring for older relatives, and smart pillboxes that remind users to take medication.

Age tech is increasingly important due to global demographic shifts. With the world’s population aging and the number of older adults growing substantially, there’s a heightened need for technology that addresses their unique requirements.

By 2050, it’s projected that nearly a quarter of the world’s population will be over 60 years old. This demographic change, coupled with the substantial economic activity generated by older adults, demonstrates the significance of age tech in shaping the future of technology and society.


How Does Age Tech Combat Ageism?


Age tech, designed specifically for older adults, plays a crucial role in combating ageism in several ways:


Empowering Independence: With features like medication reminders and fall detection wearables, age tech promotes self-reliance. This challenges stereotypes of older adults as frail or dependent.

Bridging the Digital Divide: Age-friendly interfaces and voice-controlled devices make technology more accessible to seniors. By enabling them to stay connected and informed, this reduces the perception of older adults being out of touch with modern advancements.

Promoting Cognitive Health: Brain training apps and memory games offered by age tech support healthy mental functioning. This challenges the misconception of inevitable cognitive decline with age.

Building Inclusive Tech: By developing technology tailored to the needs of older adults, age tech companies advocate for their inclusion. This shifts the narrative away from the notion that technology is exclusively for the younger generation, fostering a more inclusive tech landscape.


10 Startups Improving The Lives Of The Elderly


There are startups dedicated to enhancing the lives of seniors through age tech, focusing on innovative solutions tailored to their needs. These companies leverage technology to address various challenges faced by the elderly, from promoting independence to combating social isolation. With a mission to improve quality of life, these startups make it their mission to revolutionise senior care.


Virtue Health


Virtue Health


Virtue Health’s LookBack is a digital therapy platform using Virtual Reality to aid those with dementia.

Developed with leading experts from the University of Oxford, LookBack stimulates memories and wellness, offering a unique approach to dementia care. By virtually revisiting familiar places or exploring new ones, it enhances cognitive stimulation and emotional well-being.

Testimonials from caregivers and professionals attest to its effectiveness, providing hope for a better quality of life for those living with dementia.






Seniors@work is a platform connecting experienced professionals aged 50 and above with Swiss companies in need of skilled workers. Founded in 2019 by Alexis Weil, it addresses the challenge of both an aging workforce and a shortage of skilled workers.

The platform facilitates direct communication between clients and candidates, making the job search process simple and fast. Seniors@work promotes intergenerational exchange, creating a win-win situation for both seniors and companies.






EveryDose is a digital health company focused on improving medication adherence for patients, providers, and payers.

With over 30 million digital interventions delivered, they offer modern tools for patients to stay on track with their medications, reducing the risk of drug-to-drug interactions.

For healthcare providers, EveryDose provides actionable insights through EHR-integrated software, ensuring patients take the right dose at the right time. This not only improves outcomes but also reduces costs for healthcare organisations.



Labrador Systems


Labrador Systems


Labrador Systems is a startup leading the way in senior care with innovative technology. Their assistive robots are changing the game for those with chronic pain or health issues, promoting independence and a better quality of life.

These robots handle everyday tasks like meal delivery and laundry assistance, controlled through user-friendly options like apps or voice commands.

Equipped with advanced 3D vision, they navigate homes effortlessly, offering valuable support for elderly individuals and their caregivers.




Lottie is a trusted guide for families seeking care homes, home care, and retirement properties in the UK. By offering a free personalised shortlist and expert advice, Lottie simplifies the process of finding the right care for the elderly.

Their service enhances the lives of seniors by ensuring they receive appropriate care and support, whether they need urgent care or long-term assistance. Lottie’s transparent pricing and comprehensive search filters make navigating care options easier and more accessible.






Patronus is a company dedicated to enhancing the lives of our elderly loved ones by ensuring their safety and independence in the future. In a world where aging is delightful and dignified, Patronus believes in leveraging modern technologies to achieve this vision.

Despite the current shortcomings in digitisation within the healthcare sector, Patronus is committed to changing the status quo. Through their innovative solutions, they aim to make modern healthcare accessible to everyone, particularly the elderly.


Granny & Charly

Granny & Charly

Granny & Charly is a service that connects elderly individuals (Grannies) with younger companions (Charly’s) to provide assistance with daily tasks.

By matching shared interests and values, Granny & Charly ensures meaningful interactions and support. This service aims to enhance the lives of the elderly by offering help with shopping, cooking, and companionship, while also fostering intergenerational relationships.

Available throughout France, Granny & Charly promotes a sense of community and independence for seniors.


Selma Finance


Selma Finance


Selma Finance offers accessible and transparent financial advice and investment services for individuals of all financial backgrounds.

Founded with the vision of simplifying investing, Selma bridges Swiss banking with Nordic design and technology. Their platform connects users with a team of professionals committed to transparency, empathy, simplicity, and active listening.

With a diverse team and a client-centric approach, Selma aims to make investing easy and everyday, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to make smart financial decisions.






Florence is a tech-driven platform revolutionising NHS and social care staffing by prioritising people’s needs.

Unlike traditional agencies, Florence offers flexibility, control, and excellent hourly rates. Users can directly apply for shifts via the app, ensuring a better work-life balance. Benefits include a private pension, Instant Pay option, 24/7 support, and access to CPD-accredited courses.

This user-centric approach not only benefits professionals but also enhances the quality of care for the elderly by ensuring reliable staffing.






DNX is a startup focused on technology-driven senior care solutions. Their approach integrates remote monitoring, behavioural analysis, and loneliness reduction to enhance the well-being of the elderly and community care recipients.

Using voice-delivered messages, they provide cognitive stimulation and valuable information, alongside tailored interventions to address lifestyle habits. Their platform sends real-time alerts and predictive insights to caregivers, enabling timely assistance and proactive health interventions.

With DNX, seniors have seen increased physical activity and improved safety, while caregivers benefit from streamlined workflows and cost-effective care solutions.