49. Ashlea Atigolo, Co-Founder of INATIGO


Company: INATIGO

Website: https://inatigo.com


About Ashlea & INATIGO

INATIGO was launched in 2020. Ashlea and her co-founder had to overcome significant challenges because of launching a business in a global pandemic. Launching a startup is difficult normally, let alone throughout at a time marked by significant economic uncertainty, markets being hit, lockdown restrictions, and with peoples’ attention solely focused on survival.

Due to the challenges, Ashlea and her co-founder had to quickly adapt to the issues being faced. They found ways to survive—and even thrive using their ability to pivot quickly, halting the launch of one solution and developing other solutions to help others combat some of the business impacts of the pandemic. However, overcoming these challenges brought significant and positive impacts to Ashlea and the business. INATIGO, Ashlea, her co-founder, and their solution were finalists and won numerous awards and quickly gained industry recognition for their innovative innovations.

The plan for this year is to continue to see expediential growth and industry recognition within 2022. Additionally, Ashlea and INATIGO are excited to launch new AI solutions that they believe will address some of the key topical areas in an innovative and groundbreaking way. They hope that from these new innovations people will see how their technology will disrupt the market but be used for good of people.

Ashlea is an award-winning experienced c-suite level executive and entrepreneur who has over a decade of experience in the education, sustainability, and financial technology sectors. She has been awarded and recognised for her work by various awards, including being nominated for ‘Innovator of the Year’ 2021 from the UK Fintech Awards and has also been included in the prestigious Women in Fintech 2020 Power list.

Additionally, Ashlea was highly commended further for her work in AI technology by also being highly commended for ‘Best Social Impact Product’ & Best Product Engineer’ by 2021 Product by Women Awards for her development of EcoTaylor – The World’s first conversational AI eco-educational voice assistant.

Ashlea is the first female AI developer to co-develop Alda Ai – The UK’s first conversational AI digital human assistant built for financial firms, powered by IBM technology in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Alda Ai went on to become an award-winning AI technology solution for wealth management by the prestigious European WealthBriefing Awards, 2021.

Ashlea is also the co-founder of innovaTION company INATIGO – An award-winning, industry-recognized, and IBM spotlighted ‘One to watch’ Technology Partner.

Ashlea is passionate about supporting and inspiring others to become the next leaders in technology. Therefore, as a co-founder, she regularly mentors other females through her innovation and technology company, INATIGO,

Ashlea is also the founder of the Women Alpha – A platform that recognizes and supports the achievements of women in the technology, business, and fintech industry.

Ashlea’s mission is to create real change and a path for other women, especially in the areas of finance and technology. Why? Because these industries have broken narratives and stereotypes that were built on inequalities. Ashlea, therefore, is a woman who will not stop until she and others succeed.


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