48. Kirstie Smith, Marketing Director of Cake

Company: Cake

Website: https://cake.agency/


About Kirstie & Cake

Cake is a Birmingham-based agency founded by retailers for retailers. With over 16 years of experience growing online stores, the team offers experience and expertise to a new generation of entrepreneurs looking to build their brand online. Advising businesses of all sizes, Cake helps companies to perfect their online proposition and digital strategy.

As a digital agency with a passion for championing small businesses, Cake consistently supports other independents to unlock their eCommerce potential, especially those that are female-led or based in the West Midlands. As a company with a senior leadership team that is 50% female, it makes it its mission to empower women across the digital and eCommerce scene.

Cake’s Marketing Director, Kirstie Smith, has over 10 years of experience working in social media, digital marketing, and eCommerce. As a self-confessed marketing geek, she projects her passion for marketing into the team; her work is mainly focused on driving revenue through coordinated eCommerce, social media and digital strategy.

Kirstie first began her career working in retail at the All Saints Head Office in London. Following that, she then decided to move into agency work, during the infancy of social media. After having worked in an agency for some time, she then decided to launch ‘Social Circle’. Social Circle was born out of curiosity and the pursuit of delivering great work for businesses and brands and now offers a collaborative space for like-minded social media people to network and talk about all things social media. From fresh graduates to seasoned professionals, attendees meet monthly in Birmingham, Manchester and Sydney to discuss innovations in the world of social media and host a variety of industry guest speakers.

Similarly, Kirstie also takes an active role in coordinating Cake’s other flagship networking events; GirlCode and Shopify Meetup. Showcasing Cake’s signature ambition, approachability, and energy, these events create inclusive spaces for like-minded professionals to come together to discuss industry insights, trends alongside personal goals and achievements within the digital marketing sector.

In addition to developing and driving forward Cake’s marketing services, Kirstie also lectures on the BA(Hons) Digital Marketing and the Future Media: Pro MA / MSc courses at Birmingham City University and hosts an annual conference for the visual comms, graphics, photography and digital marketing students called FORWARD. By sharing her expertise and guidance with the next wave of passionate creatives, Kirstie can inspire and teach them about the joys of digital marketing and the diverse career paths the industry can enable you to pursue. As a result of this, she is set to be awarded an Honorary Fellowship by the institution this spring. This personal commitment also closely aligns with the agency’s ongoing pledge to hire new graduates from across the West Midlands every year to champion local talent and bolster its diverse skill set.


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