47. Kirsten Meyr, Co-Founder & CEO of Fomova

Company: Fomova

Website: https://www.fomova.com/


About Kirsten & Fomova

Kirsten is CEO and co-founder of Fomova. She has an extensive career and background bringing 15+ years of sales experience from both fashion and sport. Predominantly she overlooked sales both online and offline and the commercial strategies and community experiences behind them. In particular, she scaled one of the most exciting startups out of Scandinavia, DB – an exciting sports travel brand. However, she was the only woman on the leadership team, not to mention one of very few in a heavily male dominated industry.

This was tough. Her 5 years there taught her to stand her ground, trust her gut and set an example for the other women (and men!) on the team and within the industry. To grab a seat and lean in. She is proud to say she led global growth of the startup from $1M to $18M during her time there, disrupting the industry as a whole with their forward thinking business model, as well as being a cultural pillar within the company.

She has orchestrated her career to be a key player in brands selling much more than product, but a whole community, something to be a part of! She knows the power of community and how it can be the difference for a brand to win today. However, building and growing a community is really difficult, time consuming and expensive! For example, most communities are held ransom on social networks today – it’s no secret these platforms are broken.

So, she joined the Antler UK program summer 2021 with the hopes of finding her technical counterpart to combat this. Navigating a predominantly male cohort and being the token fashion female with all the stereotypes the come with it was a challenge, however, she is happy to have met Mitchell who is coming from 20+ years in software design and development.

Together they bonded over our passion for community and the struggles she has had with exactly this all throughout her career. There’s got to be a better way to host, grow and tap into your community for a better experience and better business all around. So they built Fomova, a SaaS community platform enabling clients to truly own their social networks. Truly be able to immerse their community into their brand universe. Here’s where they’re unique – you can customise the platform any way you want, aggregate all of your content (despite which channel) into one central place, gain extensive insights and OWN that data, have this spark loyalty and generate organic growth.

They have a working MVP and users with devoted feedback, building Fomova at the request of the market meaning we’re constantly evolving which is a challenge, but they’re definitely on the right track. This year they’re looking to find product market fit, build an enterprise grade product and scale up the team to deliver £500K ARR and onboard 50 customers by the end of the year.


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