Business Consulting With 16th Ventures

Defining and formulating a tactic or a strategy is essential to the success of your company. To achieve these objectives quickly, David Aobadia and Yann Beuzit, Managing Partners of 16th Ventures, offer you ‘Flash’ workshops on all subjects related to business consulting.

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Who Are Your Workshops For?

Mainly for startups and small and medium-sized (SMEs) companies of 2 to 10 people, who are looking to stand out, launch or market themselves, go beyond a glass ceiling, establish their position on the market, and unlock their sales. To be reactive in the short term, we offer these companies our “Flash” diagnosis which can lead to “Flash” workshops, all dematerialised online via video conferences, but also more personalised coaching.

Can You Tell Us More About Your Unique Approach?

Drawing on our own experience in a variety or small and large companies and an Masters in Business Administration (MBA) each, Yann is also doing a Doctorate in Business Administration, we help our clients make sense of their information and then formalise it in a concrete way thanks to 11 programmes in an online workshop format of 5 half days, for up to 6 people. We cover Strategy, Marketing & Digital, Business model & business plan, Innovation management, Transformation, Sale and acquisition, Finances, and CSR investment.

What is the ‘Flash’ Approach?

Unlike « traditional » business consulting, where consultants work independently of clients to establish a strategy, we work together with them to establish it over the course of the workshops. At the end of each session, clients leave with a concrete action plan with short- and mid-term objectives. The tools we have created ourselves, inspired by the MBA toolbox, are thematic bricks put in place according to the client’s needs.