15. Caroline Allams & Manjit Sareen, Co-Founders of Natterhub


Company: Natterhub

Website: https://natterhub.com


About Caroline, Manjit & Natterhub

Natterhub’s mission is ‘to prepare children to thrive online’. Natterhub is an immersive digital citizenship platform designed to teach pupils aged 5-11 impactful online safety and media literacy skills. In a world where soft skills acquisition is key to success, Natterhub is equipped with over 350 lessons that teach children the genre of digital communication and nurture digital resilience. Whilst raising the profile of online kindness, empathy and open-mindedness, Natterhub is a child-friendly, fun approach to integrating digital citizenship across the primary curriculum.

Powered by TwinklHive, Natterhub’s aim is to enable pupils to learn, practise and apply their knowledge in a realistic social media environment, gated to the class and supervised by the class teacher. Progress is tracked and assessed by the tool and all lessons include teacher plans and notes. Teachers can confidently nurture pupils’ digital literacy skills practically rather than through didactic teaching, regardless of their own ICT abilities. Natterhub is the education that comes before children have their own mobile device. Pupils develop a digital skillset, which can be continued at home using the parent login so that together, families know how and when to apply the principles of online safety, kindness and responsible behaviour.

Natterhub is an early intervention tool for primary schools. The education sector is notoriously difficult to penetrate as budgets are tight and teachers are overwhelmed. Natterhub was launched at the beginning of the first lockdown, before the platform was fully ready – but we knew that children needed a safe space to stay connected so we launched it initially for free.

The founders are so grateful for the team at Twinkl who have supported our launch to enable us to reach 5200 school sign ups in 72 countries around the globe. They will continue to raise awareness for the brand and most importantly their mission to prepare children to be safe, savvy and kind online. They want to reach every primary school child so that they can have the education they need to thrive in the digital landscape.

CEO and co-founder Manjit Sareen is an experienced, ambitious and enthusiastic entrepreneur who is passionate about making a difference in the lives of children via the education space. Mother to two young boys, Manjit was inspired by the idea of placing social media in the classroom in order to teach children media literacy skills. Manjit is involved at all levels of the business; she leads the strategic growth guided by her belief that every child has the right to the tools to be safe, savvy and kind digital citizens.

Co-Founder, experienced educator Caroline Allams has taught in both UK and leading international schools. Passionate about immersive learning to create impact for students, Caroline leads the product development, creative and advises on the pedagogy for the Natterhub brand. As founder of the award-winning brand The Pedagogs, Caroline, also a parent, initiated and designed the concept for Natterhub in a bid to prepare children to understand the nuance of digital communication and protect online wellbeing.


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