18. Dr Shama Rahman, Founder of NeuroCreate Ltd

Company: NeuroCreate Ltd

Website: http://www.neurocreate.co.uk/team


About Shama & NeuroCreate Ltd

Dr Shama Rahman is the female BAME founder of NeuroCreate. She is a scientist, artist and entrepreneur. NeuroCreate was incorporated Dec 2017, and the vision is within the Future of Work using AI. They are enabling people to access Flow peak performance mental states – through enhancing their productivity and creativity. They are doing this through the FlowCreate platform designed with the underlying neuroscientific mechanisms underpinning creative-thinking and personalised by AI (backed by Dr Rahman’s interdisciplinary PhD in the neuroscience of creative innovation frameworks).

NeuroCreate are developing AI-powered collaborators to both augment work processes and also train creative-thinking for better cognitive health. As such they were shortlisted by the RSA Future of Work ‘Tech for Good’ Awards, recognised by the UK Creative Industries Council as one of the Top 100 CreaTech companies of 2020, and have been featured in Forbes and Thrive Global as an example of AI to augment creativity.

A challenge they have overcome is translating this fundamental research into easily accessible and useful digital products. The first component of the FlowCreate platform, the Innovator, is a B2B SaaS AI-powered creative collaborator and functions equally like a provocateur and facilitator to guide users through different stages of creativity to the peak performance Flow state.

They have explored product-market-fit with traction with 9 company partnerships across creative/innovation/design/events agencies validating their beta version with the onboarding process, pricing strategy, and data collection of use-cases and testimonials. They have published scientific results of AI/Human collaboration in over 100 trials resulting in improvements within creative productivity and mental flexibility. They’ve now received Innovate UK funding to develop collaborative web functionality, which they will have developed this year. They are additionally fundraising their Seed round in order to support further dev and sales. They aim to publicly launch the product this year!


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