17. Mairav Cohen-Zion, Chief Science Officer at dayzz


Company: dayzz

Website: https://www.dayzz.com/


About Mairav & dayzz

Dayzz (www.dayzz.com) is a digital health start-up, founded in 2018 and located in Israel. Dayzz aims to help people sleep better and thereby improve their overall health, well-being and productivity. It combines advanced technology and science-based sleep therapeutics into an end-to-end corporate digital sleep solution, offering personalized and remote AI-based assessment and treatments for multiple sleep disorders directly from the user’s smartphone.

One of the company’s first and greatest challenges was to raise awareness to the importance of sleep for everyone and especially  users and organisations. Although many of us recognise the importance of eating well and exercising, sleep needs often slip our minds. Despite being a young startup, they wanted to make sure to invest in research and validation of the product, and they succeeded in conducting multiple clinical trials at top medical institutions, despite their relatively young startup and limited funds. They aimed to not only create a valid product, translating the traditional sleep protocols in the clinic to engaging digital experience, but also to make the experience fun and engaging, a huge challenge in digital health intervention.

Mairav is a clinical psychologist and sleep researcher. After many years in academic and healthcare settings, she made a great professional leap in 2018 and is now a founding team member and the Chief Science Officer at dayzz.

Although sleep may not be the first behaviour that comes to mind when people consider their overall health and wellbeing, she, among many other sleep clinicians and scientists, think it should be up there on our list of important health goals and public health priorities. Sleep not only makes us more alert, sharper, and better decision makers. Many people are unaware of the strength and restorative powers of the human sleep system and the multitude of research studies providing evidence to its recuperative properties, from obesity and diabetes to cancer and even common cold viruses, as well as in alleviation of mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety.

Dayzz strongly believes in industry-tech partnerships and leveraging technologies to advance and streamline our healthcare system and provide value-based, precision care. They believe that sleep services can be easily transferred to remote care and will prove to be indispensable to newly transforming healthcare systems, by not only improving health and chronic disease but also vastly reducing healthcare utilisation and economic and social costs.

Their plan for the upcoming year is to bring better sleep to everyone and they won’t rest until the world sleeps better. They are continuously making sleep care and sleep therapeutics smarter and more accessible to anyone who is in need. They are collaborating with employers and payers to bring top of the line integrated sleep care for anyone who needs it. They believe that it is their mission to spread the word of the importance of good sleep and the social and economic value it brings.


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