21. Jennifer Mathisen, Founder of KiDSiE

Company: KiDSiE

Website: https://www.kidsie.shop


About Jennifer & KiDSiE

Purchasing for children is costly and often wasteful, kids quickly grow out of clothing, toys, essentials, gear and right now, 80% of outgrown goods end up in landfill. They are launching Kidsie, our mobile app, to help solve this problem. Kidsie is a circular community marketplace for parents to shop, sell and donate preloved baby and children’s items locally within their neighbourhood.

The Kidsie app provides an easy-to-navigate and welcoming community marketplace to shop, sell and donate all secondhand items suitable for babies and children up to 12 years old in addition to maternity items. Parents create shoppable profiles, listing preloved items on an Instagram style scrollable feed. With Kidsie’s location feature, parents can sell and search items within their local neighbourhood, saving on the hassle and Co2 associated with shipping. Kidsie allows searching for specific items, brands, categories, age groups, free items and more all in one place. Payment transactions are processed in the app through secure payment provider Stripe.

Kidsie was created by London based parent of two and founder Jennifer Mathisen.

The idea for Kidsie was born as she has been astonished by the amount of stuff that piles up when you have kids and like many, she is a conscious consumer concerned about the environmental impact of waste, plastic and fast fashion. However, she has experienced first-hand the hassle of using several different platforms to purchase and sell secondhand kids stuff. She wanted to create a one-stop-shop for parents to build a circular economy within their local communities – making it ultra-easy to shop, sell and donate their preloved kids items, ultimately reducing waste and costs.

She has been heads down building Kidsie over the past 7 months. They have just completed their private Beta phase and now are launching a app live on the UK Apple and Google Play app stores. This is the first rendition of Kidsie and there are many more exciting features they are working hard to add in the coming months!

They believe Kidsie can make real impact, helping parents reduce their eco footprint and overall costs by keeping products in use and ultimately tackling the issue of excess waste going into the environment!


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