43. Laura Pomfret & Holly Holland, Co-Founders of Financielle

Company: Financielle

Website: www.financielle.co.uk


About Laura, Holly & Financielle

What started as an anonymous Instagram account in 2018 has turned into a female focussed financial wellness platform with a step by step money plan (think couch to 5k for money). With no financial or technical experience Financielle has managed to bootstrap and launch The Financielle App into both app stores in October 2021.

Since launch it’s acquired over 2,500 organic users and is now looking to scale and grow with the help of an investment round that is looking to close at the end of March. In 2022 Financielle will be moving into the B2B benefits space as employers look to offer their people financial wellness solutions. Financielle’s anchor clients include Beauty Pie and Timpsons to date.

Laura and Holly are sisters and co-founders of Financielle and are joyfully disrupting the Fintech money management space with their blue vs red ocean approach. Not interested in a features race but a focus on content and community they have seen users pay off thousands of pounds worth of debt, buy their first homes, cash flow IVF babies.


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