42. Shayla Price, Founder of PrimoStats

Company: PrimoStats

Website: https://primostats.com/


About Shayla & PrimoStats

Started in 2019 and launched in 2021, PrimoStats is a searchable database of curated marketing statistics. They help content marketers save time in the writing process and add credibility to their content. Shayla started this business after noticing how much time her colleagues wasted searching for stats on Google.

Shayla describes herself as a non-technical founder. While developing PrimoStats, she faced the challenge of building the platform. She tackled this issue by hiring smart technical freelancers to help her iterate the platform. The live site is the third iteration of PrimoStats. Their platform has grown from a listing directory to an optimised search engine.

This year, PrimoStats will be growing the database of stats. Currently, they have more than 5,000 stats across 43 industry topics from 74 original sources.

In January, they launched PrimoStats for Docs, an add-on allowing content marketers to add stats to their content without leaving their Google doc. They also started their affiliate program. For the remainder of the year, they plan to launch a blog, partner with micro-influencers, and implement an API.

Shayla Price is the inspiring woman behind this business. Her decade of content marketing experience helps her understand the needs of her customers. Her inspiration for developing PrimoStats is her baby boy. As a new mom, she wants to develop a business, so that she can devote more time to raising her son. She also wants him to grow up seeing a hardworking parent pursuing entrepreneurship.


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