44. Linnea Bywall, Head of People at Alva Labs

Company: Alva Labs

Website: https://www.alvalabs.io/


About Linnea & Alva Labs

Linnea Bywall is Head of People at Alva Labs, the Swedish startup on a mission to improve the quality, efficiency and inclusivity of the job market. Alva Labs’ digital hiring tool streamlines the hiring process for both candidates and employers, providing a bias-free way for recruiters to qualify and compare job applicants using data and science to accurately predict their job success.

By working to eliminate bias from the hiring process, Alva Labs is levelling the playing field for applicants from marginalised backgrounds. Counting Deloitte, Northvolt and Daniel Wellington as clients, Alva Labs recently raised a €11.7 million Series A round.

Linnea studied psychology at Lamar University in Texas and Lund University in southern Sweden. A licensed psychologist, Linnea’s experience spans consultancy and organisational development, testing and recruitment. Mother of two, Linnea joined Alva Labs when she was seven months pregnant with her second child.

She began her Alva Labs career for two months before taking a year’s maternity leave. Since her return, Linnea has been helping Alva develop world-class HR technology. Her work at Alva Labs continues her mission to promote equality and diversity in the job market and workplace.


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