1. Maaha Suleiman, Founder of CareAlgo

care matched

Company: CareAlgo

Website: http://www.carematched.co.uk/


About Maaha & CareAlgo

Maaha founded CareAlgo in October 2020, during the height of the Covid pandemic. She is a Global Health & Social Medicine graduate from King’s College London, with experience in tech through involvement with the Women in Social Tech accelerator programme as well as coding classes with Tech(know) where she learned to code in Swift.

She also obtained a Scholarship with Entrepreneur Lab by CIEE where her knowledge of marketing, sales, and finance has been refined. These experiences have led her to network with various industry experts and win the runner-up position in the Care Innovation Challenge, 2019. Furthermore, as a care worker, her mother would always receive calls from her agency to look after people based on her language skills and cultural background. This was very inefficient, and she sought to change that by developing technology that can simply connect care workers to care receivers based on language proficiency, cultural background and so much more.

She has encountered many challenges as a sole female founder from ethnic minority background, trying to develop technology in the middle of a pandemic but with perseverance, she applied for grants and formed a partnership with a tech investment firm who believed in her vision for CareAlgo. Together they launched their technology in January 2022 and since then they have received a massive partnership and a decent amount of traction from organisation such as Skills for Care, The Care Quality Commission and a London Council.

They hope to further innovate the Care sector and ensure they impact as many people as possible so that they age more comfortably and live a higher quality of life.


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